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"2PM Hottest Blood" is from Malaysian HOTTEST.

Q: What does '2PM Hottest Blood' mean?
A:#Maybe, I can't describe it like this#
|=|2PM are JaeBeom, JunSu, NichKhun, TaecYeon, Wooyoung, JunHo and ChanSung.
|=| Hottest is what they call us fans.
|=| Blood is mean they are a part of us just like our blood in our body.

#The hold sentence mean '2PM are our Hottest Blood'#

#Officially made on July 30, 2009#

Hello, I'm Summer from Malaysia the owner of "2PM HOTTEST BLOOD". I was born on 19 FEB 1991 (Count how old I am *^-^*). I'm still a student in multimedia design (not officially is but going).

What makes me made this blog about 2PM? I made this blog cause I want to share more news about 2PM to more Malaysian so that 2PM will be famous in Malaysia like DBSK does (DBSK and 2PM are difference type okay. Don't ever compare).

For what I wish is that I hope 2PM will came across
this blog. I do have a SHOTBOX on the right side of the blog.


Friday, September 25, 2009

[TWITTER/WALLPAPER] Jaebeom Twitter wallpaper


Hey, MyHottest.

I'm here with some Twitter Wallpaper with only Jaebeom. Sorry I didn't make others but I will I bet I will. Please stay tune on it okay?

He is it

I hope you guys like it. Remember to credit if you take out.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

[INFO] MYHOTTEST (I wrote a lyrics)

Hey MyHottest,

This is my 1st time writing lyrics and I'm not good at it. My english is not good. I wrote it all night to make a fresh up to everyone.

Thanks to aienbest's for the song and video with JeTi wonderful voice and I got this lyrics. Is not good but I have try to follow the song and I can say I did copy some of the words so don't say that I didn't tell it was copy right. haha^^

Here is the video and the lyrics. (Remember I'm not good at writing lyrics.)

Lyrics (Wrote by Me)
Song name: "Can you feel the love we give?"

Trust the warmth inside
Can you feel the love we give
You must come back
Everthing warth when you come back again,
just back than
You can't leave us just
In 4 days and throw all your golds away
We really need you so please come back
We will never leave you alone

At 1st we hate you for leaving us
We know you feel ashme of yourself
but everything will be forget
and what you have gone we forgive you
but than
everything goes wrong when you leave us for good
We don't want this to happen but it happen now.
Please help us to end this and come back to us

So baby, trust the warmth inside
Can you feel the love we give
You must come back
Everthing warth when you come back again,
just back than
Please don't leave us again
4 years is not short like in 4 days
No matter what you are the best leader
We need you Park Jae Beom

We know that you will stay strong right?
No matter what happen till the end
Just like we support you
No matter what it will be, but than
We know that you are really sorry and
We did really forgive you and no longer hate
We will forget the pass 4 years

So baby, Trust the warmth inside
Can you feel the love we give
You must come back
Everthing warth when you come back again,
just back than
You can't leave us just
In 4 days and throw all your golds away
We really need you so please come back
We will never leave you alone

If you ever find yourself missing us again,
Like you never did
All you have to do is turn around and come back to us.
Don't you know We love you?

So baby, Trust the warmth inside
Can you feel the love we give
You must come back
Everthing warth when you come back again,
just back than
You can't leave us just
In 4 days and throw all your golds away
We really need you so please come back
We will never leave you alone

So baby, trust the warmth inside
Can you feel the love we give
You must come back
Everthing warth when you come back again,
just back than
Please don't leave us again
4 years is not short like in 4 days
No matter what you are the best leader
We need you Park Jae Beom.

(I don't relly know the original song sing by who and the title of the song in the video is "Like yesterday". You guys can comment a bit but don't be to hurt okay? THis is my 1st time writing a lyrics. I really just for Jaebeom. Is all in my heart that I wanted to tell him)

Friday, September 18, 2009

[NEWS] Another friend of Jay clarify the 'truth'?

Credit: imafighterforjaypark; unknown "Jay's friend"

Apparently, there's someone left us a comment on our YOUTUBE account telling us that a friend's of Jay actually posted something on one of Jay's Facebook fan page.

Today at 7:18pm 9/17/09

Ive been keeping quiet for LONG ENOUGH! I set up this fan page as a friend of Jay. There is some few statement i need to clarify

1. Jay is being pressured to leave 2pm. I wouldnt use the word forced as pressured is more appropriate dont make me go in details on this.

2. MOST of the members of 2pm are quietly supporting on the boycott actions that K-hotties are doing now. One of the member told me WooYoung Cyworld message is to hint the Khotties to continue the boycott and fight for Jay, coz they (2pm members) also has been told not to back up Jay.

3. Jays wound is heeling on the previous days until JYP came out with another statement yesterday, which makes him fell into depression again. Please dont leaving message such as : JAY PLEASE COME BACK

4. Friends like us has been helping him here and there hinting hottest that : Only fans can save Jays career now but it seems only 10% of the fans are paying attention on this. PLEASE READ THIS : ONLY FANS CAN SAVE JAY's CAREER NOW!

5. Jay has been pouring all his hardwork for 4-5 years to become where he is standing now do you think he will give up coz of such matters and let everything go down the drain? He is really depressing now i chatted with him yesterday he even changed his display picture to an all dark screen. can u guys understand how he feels now?

6. Do you know how it feels..when you wan to tell the whole world about the truth but you just can't and all these is hurting your loved one?

7. and Yes, Jay has been reading all the comments in websites and all that you guys have been sending him and that's why he was able to feel better until the storm came yesterday. He was doubt about everything again. He is thinking of give up everything now. SO PLEASE HOTTEST, PLEASE TRY YOUR BEST TO GET JAY BACK.

Either or not above statement is written by the real friend of Jay, we wouldn't give up just because JYP's yesterday statement. JYP is challenging us, the HOTTESTS, to give up, but NO, we won't, because..


Thursday, September 17, 2009

[DISCUSSION] What if 2PM (6 members) come to Malaysia?

[Discussion] What if 2PM (6 member) come to Malaysia?

I just bring this topic up cause I just go thru one article at 2OD that says 2PM will continue
with they're new album but only with 6 members.

What if they have a promoting for they're new album here in Malaysia, will you be there to
support them as 6 member? To be very honest to yourself will you support them even they're
only 6 of them but not 7 of them? Will you buy they're CD and get they're signature from them
even they're only 6 of them?

I have already think thru this cause I feel bad that our 2PM leadja is not in the group but still I will
support them no matter what. Just only if JYPE will not add a new member in 2PM I will always
support them. Is not that if JYPE add a new member that I won't support them but It will be less
support them.

I like 2PM is because Jaebeom and others. If suddenly add a new member that I don't know him
well it will make me confuse.

So my answer is "Yes, I will still support 2PM even is only 6 member. Only if JYPE not adding
a new member I will be supporting them till Jay's return."

So what is your answer?

Will you support 2PM with only 6 member but not adding a new member?

p/s: will write down you discussion on the comment box not the widget on top.
This will never show your discussion. Please understand

[NEWS] 2PM to continue without Jaebeom!


After much drama surrounding leader Jaebeom leaving 2PM, JYP has finally released an official statement regarding 2PM's future activities.

Unfortunately, 2PM will continue activities as 6-members, as JYP is stating that Jaebeom does not want to return as of now.

Whether Jaebeom not wanting to return is the truth or not, we have yet to hear. But as of now, 2PM will be 6 members.

Official statement:

Hello, this is JYP.

For the past five days we have listened to what many people had to say regarding the Jaebeom incident. We have listened to the rebukes towards Jaebeom, the rebukes toward our company, and many of you telling us to give him another chance has been carefully heard.

We have carefully and thoroughly discussed what the next moves are regarding our company, the 2PM members, and Jaebeom. Jaebeom has been receiving many encouraging comments from many fans, but his feelings about his wrong doings has still not changed. He still feels sorry and embarrassed for what he did and is not able to perform on stage. Jaebeom has pleaded to not cancel 2PM's activities which was the result of the sweat, blood and tears of the other six members, just because of what he has done. He has said this is the reason why he must leave 2PM.

I also agree with Jaebeom. The reason why i have not held on to Jaebeom is because if we look towards the life ahead of him, this will not be a big matter that will effect his whole life. Many of you are worried that he has wasted four years of training towards his dream, but i believe that training has not gone to waste, because if he grabs this chance to mature as a person, Jaebeom will be able to fly better than ever.

I believe that as harmful the words that came from Jaebeom were, telling him to immediately leave the country was no better. I am going to respect his decision / wish of wanting to spend some time alone, off the stage and if and when the time comes that he tells me he is ready to come back on stage and perform, it is my duty / role to do everything in my power to help him with this wish. When that day comes, I believe that's when your encouragements and cheering will truly help him. I am once again truly sorry and apologize for not being able to thoroughly take care of my artists. I will do my best in making sure things like this never happen again.

I once again would like to thank all of you.

2PM will continue as a 6 member group.


[CYWORLD] 090917 Wooyoung Speaks Out?



박진영이 드디어 2PM 재범(본명 박재범) 사태에 대해 입을 열었다. 박진영의 17일자 공식발표에 따르면 2PM은 앞으로 택연, 준수, 우영, 닉쿤, 찬성, 준호 6명으로 활동을 이어가게 됐다.

같은날 2PM 멤버 장우영이 싸이월드 미니홈피 메인글을 바꿨다. 그는 "死卽必生"(사즉필생)이라고 적고 배경음악으로는 2PM 데뷔곡 '10점 만점에 10점' 인스트루멘탈 버전을 걸어놓았다.

死 卽必生(사즉필생)은 이순신 장군의 유명한 '생즉필사(生卽必死) 사즉필생(死卽必生)'의 일부분이다. '살고자 하면 죽을 것이요 죽고자 하면 살 것이다'는 뜻으로 10척 남짓한 배로 10배에 이르는 적함을 맞아 대승을 거둔 '명량해전'에 출전하며 병사들에게 남긴 말씀이다.

이 사자성어에는 현 시점에서 리더 재범 없이 2PM의 활동을 이어가게 된 우영의 심경이 그대로 담긴듯 해 팬들을 안타깝게 하고 있다.


Park Ji Young has finally released a statement on JAEBUM (Park JAEBUM) about whats happening. On the 17th his offical statement said that Taecyeon, Junsu, Wooyoung Nickhun, Chansung, Junho as a 6 membered group for 2PM.

On the same day Jang Wooyoung has changed his main title on Cyworld as "死卽必生" which means Sajeukpilseng and has also changed this backgroup music to 2PM's debute song '10 out of 10'

死卽必生 is General Lee Soo shin famous saying Sengjeukpilseng(生卽必死) SaJeukpilseng (死卽生)' which means "If you wish to live, you will die. If you wish to die, you will live." He said this at Myung Rang Hae jeun which was recorded in a hospitalised soldiers diary.



2PM's Jang WooYoung has updated his cyworld the same day of JYP's statement, changing his main text to "Sa Jeuk Pil Seng" with the BGM of 2PM's 10 Points out of 10.

Sa Jeuk Pil Seng is Lee SunShin general's famous words, meaning "If you wish to live, you will die. If you wish to die, you will live." These words were last left to his followers before they went into war.

It is to believe that WooYoung is upset at the fact that 2PM will continue on without Jaebum.

CREDIT: thehazyfiasco @ SOOMPI

Some of you can't interpret Woo's word. This is my interpretation of it, it's not wrong nor right. You have your own voice to what he is saying.

The General Lee SunShin said to his follower before they went to war "If you wish to live, you'll die. If you wish to die, you'll live." Bascially, the whole meaning of it the general was saying is, going to war is a death threatening situation but if you're being a coward wanting to live, you'll die. If you're brave and fight you'll live. See people who are a coward at war will tend to lose their life faster than those who are brave.

Basically that's my whole interpretation. Now it's up to you to see what his meaning is.

I don't really care if you disagree with me but to me, I think Wooyoung is telling us in a subtle way to fight. This is war. If we wish to die, we'll soon overcome this and live but if we just let everything be as it is, we all die. We lose Jay. Going to war with JYPE is a death wish but we will survive.

[NEWS] 090917 JYP's STATEMENT "2PM will continue with 6 members"

I talked to JYPE staffs, 2PM members, and JAEBUM about our future plans. First of all, although many people have sent their encouraging words to JAEBUM, he hasn’t changed his mind; thinking he made a huge mistake. He said that he is still very sorry and too ashamed to be on the stage. He also told me that since other 2PM members have worked so hard, they should not be affected by this in any negative ways. That’s why he left 2PM so quickly.

I think the same way as JAEBUM. The reason why I didn't stop him from leaving is because I thought whether Jay being in 2PM or not now won’t be that big deal when you look at his life as a whole. Some think 4 years of his hard working has been destroyed, but his skills that were built up in 4 years are still remained in his body.

If JAEBUM receives a chance to grow up and become more mature by this incident, he will be able to fly even further later on. As criticism against Jay was way too harsh, requesting to revoke Jay's resignation is asking for too much as well. It’s my role to respect his opinion wanting to have his time alone apart from the stage, and help him later when he says he wants to be on the stage again.

I think you should give him supports by then. Again, I apologize for not being able to manage and protect him well. We'll try our best to not make this happen again

Thank you again,
2PM will continue their schedule with 6 members as it was planned

SOURCE:, oneday-room

Taken from

[NEWS] 091509 Fans Volunteering


Reduced: 90% of original size [ 638 x 1068 ] - Click to view full image

2PM’s Fanclub “We’ll share Jaebum’s social responsibility through volunteering”
2PM’s Fanclub union have stepped forward in volunteering saying they are going to share Jaebum’s social responsibilities.
2PM’s fan union has voluntarily made a small group, and are giving their efforts volunteering offline.
Through ‘Naver bean collection’ a donation practice, blood donation collecting, the t-shirts from 2PM’s promotions for the children-teenage protection Campaign for the makeup brand in addition to giving second hand clothing and others they are apologizing and looking for forgiveness for Jaebum’s mistakes to the people.
Especially the ‘Naver bean collection’ that was started the past 13th in this case currently in the afternoon of the 15th ‘Beans’ amounting to 800 Man won ($8000) have been collected.
2PM’s fan union have set the end of the giving on the midnight of the 15th and are planning to donate it for public welfare.
In another part 2Pm’s fanclub union’s movement has been seen, for 2PM’s leader Jaebum’s return, are writing letters, newspaper ad publications, CD returning, and held a 2000 fan silent protest in front of the JYP office building presenting a petition of the fans’ request.


[NEWS] 090916 Taec and Wooyoung to leave Inki on a "Short break"..

2PM Taecyeon-Wooyoung leaves ‘Inkigayo(Popular Song)’ MC roles “A short break, they’ll be back”

Credit: Kor-Eng by Janne@Madam2pmsubs, Coordinator:

2PM’s Taecyeon and Wooyoung will be leaving their MC roles in SBS ‘Inkigayo’ for a while. For now, ‘Inkigayo’ will run on a guest-MC system.

Taecyeon and Wooyoung won’t be appearing as MCs in the upcoming 20th September showing of ‘Inkigayo’. Although they are not officially splitting up, this is because 2PM’s individual members are pausing their activities for now due to their leader Jaebum’s recent misfortune including quitting and departing.

‘Inkigayo’’s PD Park SungHoon said in a phone call with Newsen on the 16th of September that “we decided to give Taecyeon and Wooyoung a break on the terms that they return. We don’t know when their comeback will be as of now, but as the staff are aware of the two’s emotional pressures we decided to give them a rest”.

Park PD said that “I am wishing that the situation, including the press, will improve quickly and they will return. It won’t be easy, but Wooyoung and Taecyeon have both revealed their intentions to continue.”

Also, in the phone call Park PD revealed that “the staff don’t want to change MCs. It is something we must discuss with JYP, but the staff wishes to be with Taecyeon and Wooyoung till the end. Nothing is certain, but the possibility of a change in MC isn’t entirely ruled out either.”

Meanwhile the 20th will follow through their intentions with ‘Inkigayo’ being MC-ed by Ha YunJoo and others.

Park SeYeon

SOURCE: newsen

[NEWS] 090916 Melon-Music story - 2PM at a crisis due to Jaebum’s leaving announcement

16 Sep 2009
Melon-Music story - 2PM at a crisis due to Jaebum’s leaving announcement

Comments offensive to Koreans written by 2PM member ‘Jaebum’ 4 years ago on an overseas social community recently spread willy-nilly on the internet and angered netizens and residents, leading to ‘Jaebum’ eventually announcing resignation from 2PM and departing for America.

Jaebum posted an apology letter showing his regrets but it was nowhere enough to calm down the netizens, who were on fire. From another point of view, there was talk that the comments written were mistranslated into Korean, and also that the witch-hunt-like criticism from netizens were too harsh. My heart was saddened as I read the article that reported him crying in his mother’s arms back in America, and thought of him as one family’s son, aside from the insults and job as an idol star.

Of course Jaebum must be heartbroken because of the mistakes he made, but on the other hand my worries go to the remaining 2PM members.

Sudden rainfall at 2 in the afternoon

The group had completed successful activities with their debut song ’10 out of 10’, which was followed up by ‘Angel’ and ‘Only You’ and were acknowledged by the public for their musical excellence when they rose to the top in just 9 months with their second mini-album and ‘Again & Again’. The phrase ‘unstoppable, with no boundaries’ suited 2PM well. Group 2PM was bright and active in mainstream music programs, cable, and other variety shows. 2PM was just like a clear and sunny day at 2 o’clock. But where on earth did this sudden concentrated storm come from?!

There have been many things in the past, both big and small, but the process of an American citizen becoming a controversy in such short time, a very quick battle indeed, and quitting his group made me bitter as I was reminded of the high-speed hearts in our technology-strong country.

Young Park Jaebum and 2PM’s Jaebum
Which is the one that we really wanted?

JYP’s representative Park Jinyoung, who had been the one to discover, cast and train as an idol singer, put out an official apology for 2PM’s leader Jaebum’s sudden resignation notice. That was JYP officially sharing his situation, and he carefully shared his opinion saying “I think the important thing isn’t 2PM’s Park Jaebum, it’s the young Park Jaebum” and “I wish to respect Jaebum’s decision”. Amidst this, when the possibility of Jaebum’s return as 2PM looks very bleak, I couldn’t not think carefully about young Park Jaebum.

The image of 2PM’s Jaebum we look at as an idol singer can only be very one-dimensional. Jaebum’s position in 2PM was the leader, and had the image of someone very dependable and responsible. Of course I know very well that these things could just be something that the company made up. Because rather than a musician, Jaebum was an idol star that moved exactly as the strict system of the company directed him to.

I thought that maybe people lost it and blew up at him when he supposedly betrayed them and pretended to be something he wasn’t, because of his good image and the fact that he was currently at the top. The situation got worse, as if it was wrong for everybody not to get mad, and many started throwing their stones, but if you think about it, Jaebum, who wrote the text on the internet, was merely a young trainee from overseas. He wasn’t the complete and polished idol ‘2PM’s Jaebum’, just a teenager called Park Jaebum.

I think I can imagine the infinite hardships he suffered and stumbled upon after choosing a path as a singer, giving up so many things and moving to Korea after living overseas his whole life. Because nobody is an idol or singer from birth.. It could be that 4 years ago, Jaebum in fact was the ruffled, rebellious teen that Park Jinyoung said he was. But I think that you must acknowledge the sweat and endeavour to become a member of 2PM was real, and I also think that anyone could admit that his triumphant place on the top, getting 1st place after debut, is the result of doing his best, and overcoming predicaments.

Were the immature, meaningless things teenage Jaebum wrote really enough to turn all that effort into foam?

His nationality may be American, but he has Korean blood flowing in him and also it was very wrong to insult Korea, the stage he is most active in. Even if it was on a personal web space. Also their company JYP making this problem too big could be seen as a mistake. If it weren’t a celebrity and just another person, it would still remain a shameful and irritating act, but we should take a step back, calm down and think whether the stones we threw weren’t too big or sharp.. And think whether he was badly hurt by them or not.

2PM and Jaebum - again and again!
2PM with Jaebum missing is to be attend and perform at the 2009 Dream Concert as planned. Management company JYP hasn’t officially announced anything about this so it’s a bit confusing but if the 6 go onstage as 2PM they must continue promotions without a leader.

Within 2PM, leader Jaebum’s role was big so we must wait and see what kind of stage production and music they will show us, but I can’t help but think it is unfortunate and very bare to look at 2PM as six people.

Already there are more than 100,000 people petitioning against Jaebum’s resignation, and many netizens and music related people are pointing out problems in the industry and structure of management companies through this too-quick-to-catch-a-breath case, so I am rather worried if Jaebum obviously, and also the other 2PM members haven’t caught a cold from the unexpected rainfall.

2PM.. The sunniest time of the day, we wait for 2PM’s ‘again’!

Although how 2PM will continue from now on is indefinite, I will personally wait for 2PM’s ‘again’ if Jaebum is reflecting on his actions and thoughts. I don’t know which way this incident will flow, but as much as it was progressed rapidly, I thought that we must think seriously about the things to come.

As 2PM sang to us with their song, I would like to see them now coming together ‘again & again’. Because there are still too many songs left for us to hear from them.

I am curious to know what you all think of the Jaebum incident, and about 2PM’s future direction.

Credit: Kor-Eng by Janne@Madam2pmsubs, Coordinator:


[NEWS] 090916 Majority of broadcasting/industry associates say “Jaebum has to come back”

Majority of broadcasting/industry associates say “Jaebum has to come back”

As the Jaebum situation meets new perspectives, the possibility of his coming back is being focussed on.

Jaebum was once bashed for his insults towards Korea but after his resignation and departure, sympathy stories spread very quickly. Later some fans and the management company, and some netizens had a ‘dirt fight’ (everyone puts their all into it but it’s not exactly a win-win situation) and the occasional disagreement came up but after the 15th’s MBC ‘PD’s Notebook’ these supportive theories were strengthened, and their ‘rescue’ activities are spreading to the public.

How is this seen by people that work in the broadcasting/media industry? In the results of a survey done on about 30 people, the majority’s opinion was that “he must come back”. But there were many different ideas on when this should happen.

One person commented that “everything about the Jaebum incident was uncouth” and “the fans, the netizens’ press, and the public were all uncivilised in manner”. They added that “Jaebum got a very big punishment indeed for his mistakes. That is definitely wrong” and “if it’s wrong, shouldn’t we try to change that?”

Another also emphasized that “it was certainly not something that deserved such a big fuss. Jaebum was unlucky” and that “he was a kid that put so much effort into everything. It just took time to shake off his American mind and this became the problem. Still, he shouldn’t be kicked out of the industry. His coming back feels right.”

A manager included that “he was a real leader, exceptionally hardworking and endeavouring” “Although the public must be a bit upset, I’m sure it’s possible to forgive him generously. I would like to see some of the netizens greeting him warmly”.

While almost every single person wished for his return, they had different views on the right time. The story varied from “the sooner the better” to “sometimes you just need time”.

One music associate that is close to 2PM stressed that “he must come back as soon as possible. Why should he be isolated, so far away as if he committed some major crime?” Also another raised their voice, claiming that “this unbelievable nonsense happened in less than 10 days.” “Jaebum’s comeback needs to happen soon so everyone can go back to their places. It’s not the time for ordinary netizens and fans to argue.”

But one manager said “although there were some mistranslations, it’s true that Jaebum’s comments carried a negative tone. Jaebum should reflect on this.” and worried that “for Jaebum to continue as he did before, I think a suitable amount of time is needed. If he returns now, he will just become overwhelmed with the negative opinions that are already in place.”

A broadcasting associate said “it’s quite some pressure to air him on programs while the commotion hasn’t fully died down” and “Wouldn’t it be better to wait until the general view of things is sorted out and calmed down? That will be the best picture. I want the fans to take it easy, rather than stay desperate. I think taking some time off to let Jaebum and the public recollect their thoughts is a good idea too”.

Kim HyungWoo

SOURCE: newsen
Credit: Kor-Eng by Janne@Madam2pmsubs, Coordinator:

[NEWS] JAEBUM's recent status in Seattle, as told by his friend

16 Sep 2009
2PM Park Jaebum's friend told about Jaebum’s recent status in Seattle

In a phone call with Newsen on Sept 16, Jaebum’s friend who currently lives in US revealed that “JAEBUM came to church with his parents on Sept 13. He just quietly attended the service. At first, he avoided any contacts with stranger. But, now he’s in better condition so he started to meet his friends. When he first arrived at Seattle, he was very exhausted. Also, his health condition was not very good before, but now he regained tranquility in his mind, so he goes out sometimes.”

About his living condition, he said “Right now, he’s training himself by doing everyday workout, and he has started to study music again. He went to church with his parents and met his old friend.”
He answered the rumor about Jaebum’s health condition by saying “Although he was tired and exhausted at the first time, he now maintains relatively normal life”.

Credit : Kor - Eng by, Coordinator:

[NEWS] 090916 Reverse Jaybums Withdrawl -- Fans Return 3000 CDs!


Reverse Jaybums Withdrawl -- Fans Return 3000 CDs!

2PM's fan union has returned 3000 JYPE's 2PM CD's on the 16th for Park Jaybum.

The fans in the union think that 2PM's company has the most to blame for their irresponsible response and the fan's goal is to make JYPE confirm that and admit it.

On the 16th at 2PM, the fans are going to return 3000 CD's all at once. Until Jaybum's Withdrawl is taken care of, they are planning to keep returning all the 2PM CDs.

The fan's are of course against a 6-member 2PM, and are also thinking about getting refunds for the 7-member Hottests fanclub payment.


[NEWS] 090916 Hottests Take Another Step & Criticizes JYP through Ad!


Hottests Take Another Step & Criticizes JYP through Ad!

"한 사람의 인생을 내던진 기획사는 한 나라의 문화를 이끌 자격이 없습니다"

2PM 팬들이 재범 사태와 관련, 16일 무가지에 두번째 신문광고를 내고 소속사인 JYP 엔터테인먼트를 강하게 비판했다.

2PM 팬페이지 연합인 `언더그라운드`는 이날 광고를 통해 "4년의 노력이 탈퇴로 이어지기까지 4일은 너무나도 짧은 시간이었습니다. 2PM 팬 연합 언더그라운드는 JYPE에 2PM의 리터 박재범의 탈퇴 철회를 요구합니다"라고 목소리를 높였다.

앞서 팬들은 14일자 한겨레 신문 1면 지면광고를 통해서도 재범 탈퇴 철회를 강력하게 요구했다. 이 광고에서 4년간의 연습생 시절을 거친 재범이 2008년 데뷔 후 겨우 1년동안 활동한 뒤 한국비하발언 논란으로 단 4일만에 팀을 탈퇴하게 된 안타까운 마음을 상징적으로 표현해 전 국민에게 호소했다.

2PM 팬 연합은 2PM 리더 재범의 구명을 위해 손편지 쓰기, 신문광고 게재, CD 반환, JYP 사옥 앞 침묵시위 등의 활동을 벌여왔다.

"A company who threw out someone's life does not have the right to carry out Korea's culture."

2PM fans have taken another step and have put out an advertisment in a newspaper, severely criticizing JYP.

2PM's fan union called 'Underground' have made a statement with this advertisment saying '4 years worth of hard work going down the drain by a withdrawl in 4 days is too short. 2PM fan union Underground asks for Park Jaybum's withdrawl from 2PM to be reversed."

The fans put out an ad on the 14th strongly asking to reverse his withdrawl. They said how much of a waste it is for his 4 years of work, to when he debuted in 2008, to all disappear in 4 days by being taken out of 2PM.

The fans have hand written letters, done newspaper ads, boycotted cds and had silent petitions so far.


[NEWS] 090916 After Asking Whether Jay Wants To Come Back to Korea, Park Jaybum's Dad's Friend Writes A Few Words


After Asking Whether Jay Wants To Come Back to Korea

Park Jaybum's Dad's Friend Writes A Few Words

I am a parent of someone that is close to Jaybum's age. Watching what has been happening these past few days, I have built up some confidence to say a few words.
I have been business partners with Jaybum's dad in Seattle and am a Korean-America who has been living here for 30 years. I have known Jaybum since he was a little kid and have watched him grow throughout the years. Also my kids have been going to school with him since pre-school and so they are quite close. Thus, I think I know a lot about Jaybum's family.

Jaybum's house in Seattle is near a beach called Edmonds and is in a prospective middle-class neighborhood. This house has been built for 40 years, but Jaybum has lived here ever since he was born for over 20 years.

In the parking lot aren't BMW's and Lexus's, but rather there are cars that are about 5-10 years old. Just recently they just leased a car from Hyundai Dealershop for an Elantra, but after Jaybum's situation, they had to return it.

In their house is a 37 inch Sony TV that has been there for 10 years. All the computers in their house are very old and about to break, and the best computer they have is a notebook that a fan had bought for Jaybum.

The reason i am telling you all this is because I wanted to show you how Jaybum's family life style is not fake nor ostentatious, but rather humble and normal for a middle-class family.

After Jaybum came back from Korea, about 2 days later Jaybum's dad told Jaybum that he should study music and went out and sweating from the weight of the it, bought and brought into the house a 15 year old electric Yamaha piano that was $300 just for Jaybum.
Without any complaint, Jaybum took and practiced with that piano,a nd thinking of how I bought my son a Roland piano for $5000 made me so embarassed.
On Friday night Jaybum's dad and I got together to drink some beer and talk until 3AM, and all of a sudden tears dropped from his eyes and he began to share. He felt so bad for Jaybum.

For the past 5 years, no one knows how much Jaybum suffered from frustration and hard work, and so many times when he so much wanted to go back to Seattle, he always fixed his mindset and practiced for long hours, but now right as he gained so much popularity, he escaped to seattle in just 4 days, and that really breaks my heart.
Coming home from Korea, for those long hours on the plane, how much did he have to suffer and think in his mind?

In the beginning of August, I remember when Jaybum came to Seattle for a quick visit. Because Jaybum's immature younger brother was not listening to him, I remember what Jaybum said to him.

"I want to go out and meet my friends like you and go out and have fun like you but do you know why I am going through all of this and working hard? Its because of you and our parents! Why can't you be more thoughtful of what you do!"

In the car I asked my daughter who is the same age as Jaybum "Yuri! What does 'Korea is gay' mean?" "It means that Korea is stupid or annoying, we say it when we're tired or annoyed".

Even when my daughter and I fought when she went through her teenage years, she used the word 'hate' a lot. "Dad i hate you!" Just because she said that would i have to kick her out of the house?

During that time, I believe that Jaybum did not understand the Korean culture, and had a hard time adjusting, while the people who translated what Jaybum said on his myspace translated in a very wrong way because they don't know that that is just how teenagers speak in America.
I don't understand how what he wrote as a teenager has anything to do with betraying Korea in any way.

How can someone who really hated Korea work so hard for their family so they can live better lives?

Us Korean-American's do not see America as a place just for money. We think of America as a new start where we have more opportunities, while our hearts are still with Korea and we want Korea to thrive.

During the 2002 World Cup instead of watching it at home my friends and I went to a sports bar and watched it in order to spread interest in Korea and soccer. When Korea put in a goal we alls screamed for joy and the American people who had no interest in Korean soccer seemed interested.

Even during the WBC, instead of watching the Major League we urged the Americans to watch Korea's games and those poeple who have Nokia phones and not LG or Samsung, we went and talked to them on why they wouldn't use a good Korean phone.

Don't these little things show how much pride we have for Korea? Even more than the pride of those overseas, we feel like we have a lot of pride in our country. Because of what a teenager wrote 4 years ago, i don't think that it was right to accuse and point fingers at Jaybum when he didn't mean anything like that, and cause him to be kicked out of Korea. That is not called having pride in our country.
Everyone, I urge you all to take a step back and think of what has happened in the past week, and also i urge you to have a big heart and embrace our young Korean-American who is trying so hard to live out his life and give him another chance.

I am not asking for you to put out a red carpet for him, but all I ask is for you to help Jaybum not feel embarassed or guilty anymore, and instead helpp him think more comfortably and have a warm heart for him.

During these past few days when the netizens said biting remarks about Jaybum, I want to say thank you to Boom for standing up for him and being brave. Boom still calls Jaybum everyday to check up on how he is doing.

Right now, Jaybums parents are in panic mode, and do not pick up the phone if it not someone they know.

Jaybum visited his old breakdancing studio when a black kid recognized him and put a camera up to his face and so he had to hurry up and just go home.

He hasn't even been able to go to the church he went to all his life because he's still embarassed and guilty and disappointed in himself, so he hasn't been going out anywhere and just been staying home.
Seeing all of this, i feel so bad for him and am heart broken.

Last saturday, my family and Jaybum's family went to a friend's chinese restaurant in order to brighten everyones mood. Although he wasn't jumping for joy, being his first dinner outside since he came to Seattle, we had a good time and Jaybum's mood got a little better and more comfortable.

I asked him "Jaybum, do you wanna go back to Korea?"

"yes..but i'm not sure."


Reduced: 78% of original size [ 735 x 2571 ] - Click to view full image

OKAY so i BAWLED after reading this.
i mean, WHO DIDNT?!
after reading this, i see jay in a new light.
i always knew he was an amazing, funny & hard working person, but now i ADMIRE HIM.
his family seems amazing, esp his dad to have such an awesome friend.
jay loves his family, his friends and his life.
WE NEED TO GIVE HIM HIS SPOT BACK so he can fulfill his goals!
park jaybum, you truly blow me away <3

oh, and..

WHOS with me? hehe.


Even he have not that much money he did brought use what we want but this is a heart breaking for Jay's family. Aunty, uncle no matter what we are on Jay's side.

[NEWS] More messages from Jay's friends, love and support from high school classmates

Some more translated messages from Jay's friends...all talking about what a good person he is.

I’m Park Jaebum’s high school mate. Although we weren’t in the same class, he was a friend I cared very much about.
I can’t write very well, so T-T

The Jaebum I knew was more sincere/honest than anyone else and a kid with many dreams.

Usually people who dream of becoming stars show off but Park Jaebum wasn’t any different from any other Korean high school student. He was just good at exercising and dancing, loved music. At first, none of us could imagine that he was a JYP trainee.

And no matter how tired he was or how much he had to train, he still faithfully came to school.
He did all his work and as this attitude of learning was really beautiful, he was a kid that the teachers really looked after and cared for.

Although his Korean was awkward and he was far from his parents and lonely in another country, even when he looked tired or upset, he’ll still help us friends and joke around with us as normal. Every time he did that he’ll say he’s okay and give us a friendly punch going ‘what sup yo man’, smiling shyly.

When I first saw him, he was very quiet, and down, and just looked as if life was very tough for him. As time passed, because I became envious of this diligent boy that was working hard towards his dreams, it seemed like I was studying harder thanks to him.

And I was a little chubby, so whenever I saw Jaebum, I would tell him that he has a great body and that I was envious. Then he told me “I’ve been looking at you. You’re tall so first, let’s study then go exercising with me and we can both lose weight together” and praised me by saying “You look much better after losing weight and getting a good body”.

There was a couple who just passed the 1000 day mark of dating and the guy asked Jaebum to sing a song and plan the celebration event. Jaebum made a nice rap and took care of the event.

Of course Jaebum was wrong, but to us, his friends, Jaebum was never the bad kid you guys have made him out to be. Please try to understand that.

I was really upset so I went out drinking with my friends. Although I don’t know when we’ll meet again, Jaebum will always been in our hearts, the guy always running towards his dreams. That is Jaebum.

I really wish that everyone wouldn’t hate him and try to understand that Jaebum was indeed really lonely in another country but he worked hard and did his best to fit in.

Even a guy would be jealous of this cool guy Jaebum.
Jaebum, I wish you would rise from this incident and become an even greater person

#2 Posted on Hottest fancafe (I think this one has been posted before)

Hello. I’m Jaebum’s classmate from school.
Firstly, I would like to tell everyone what kind of life Jaebum led.
Jaebum transferred into our school during the third year of high school.
He wasn’t special, looked like any other student and we heard that he came to be a trainee in JYP after receiving a phone call in America. He couldn’t adapt to the Korean way of life then and his Korean wasn’t good.
At first, he was having trouble adapting and liked being by himself.
As time passed, he made friends and played basketball with him and was a friend that loved exercise period the most.
But away from his friends and family, after leaving his friends who danced and played with him to come here, he passed his trainee life in loneliness.

I remember he always had a lot of things to prepare, studied music diligently, was always writing rap lyrics and building his body. When we said “Let’s go eat lunch” during lunch time, he would say he was fine and only ate protein.
Although life was tough for him, he would celebrate our birthdays with us and come together to play basketball with us. This was his high school life. After graduating, going out into society and entering university, I was proud when I finally saw him performing on TV with a group called 2PM. I heard that he worked really hard to get the first album out. Not just Jaebum but the whole JYP family worked hard. Soon, the second album came out and he was really busy. We had a school gathering somewhere during album promotions and ate together. When I saw Jaebum again, he was more cheerful and more confident than before, which was really great. He told us Boom-hyung treated him well, was nice and how he liked him.

So just when I was thinking that he looked like he was doing fine, news surfaced about the criticism he was getting because of the words he typed on his myspace page and in a short moment, everything Jaebum worked hard for collapsed.
I called him, told him not to worry too much, but after 2 days, he announced he was leaving. I was really worried so I called him and he said he was already at the airport and leaving for America. When I asked if he was coming back, he said “How do I come back when the people here hate me so much?”

I was upset that I couldn’t do anything as Jaebum’s friend and had to send him of like that… He left on the 6:30 plane. I hope Jaebum will have a good time with his family in America, and fulfil the dreams that he was intent on fulfilling, even in America.
Thank you for the many people how showed love to my friend Jaebum during this period.

Jaebum-ah, cheer up!

#3 2PM’s gallery

Although it’s amusing that I’m writing a message in such a place when I’m so old I didn’t know any other fancafes besides this one so I’m leaving a message here. I’m Jaebum’s high school friend Seo JaeHyeok (I can’t reveal my school, right?)

Actually, we weren’t really friends. I only ever studied when I was in high school..being prudent. I’m now a university student, and because I’ve been preparing for my examinations, I don’t really use the internet but I’m using it now because of the news Jaebum….just thinking about this whole thing as a classmate in his high school gets me frustrated. I would like to share something I know about Jaebum and hopefully it’ll help everyone look at him differently.

Being prudent/cautious, I haven’t got many friends, and only cared about my studies. But because my friends were really nice in high school, I never felt lonely. Jaebum was really nice to me too. During the English assessment, everyone will pair off with their good friends but when I didn’t have a partner, I’ll was just practicing by myself in the school’s office during English period when Jaebum came and offered to be my partner (Please don’t misunderstand. Jaebum was a diligent student even in school. He wasn’t a student that used his trainee status as an excuse to skip school).

And. When he got his Korean ID card, he was so proud of it. (When I used the term ‘Korean ID card’, I confused many of you… it wasn’t really a Korean ID card, more of a domestic residence card for overseas Koreans..but Jaebum kept calling it his Korean ID card so I wrote it as that.. It wasn’t a Korean ID card…but it really looked like one..) He put his Korean ID card (domestic residence card) in his wallet where it could be most clearly seen.

I don’t have a way with words so I can’t really write the things I want to say about Jaebum down. Such a pity.. Although it’s been a long time since we last contacted each other As a person who knows how much Jaebum had to go through to become a singer, I feel really sad. I wish he’ll come back cheerfully

Thank you for reading this at such a late time.


I’m Jaebum’s classmate during his third year of high school. I’m writing this not to cover up for the words he wrote on an online community nor am I rationalizing his behavior. I would just like to give everyone a little more understanding to Jaebum as a person and cheer Jaebum on.

When Jaebum first transferred to our school, he looked like those characters you’ll see in a manhwa and gave off a cold image with his thick eyebrows, single eyelids, wide eyes and fair skin. Although he was short, his firm body and solid muscles made him the envy of the boys in our class. When we asked why he came to Korea, he said he was a trainee in JYP and dreamt of becoming a singer.

Jaebum wasn’t ashamed of those words, and during lesson time or break time, I often saw him writing rap lyrics, humming songs, practicing raps and beatboxing. He would train too late at night yet come to school on time and he would never reveal how tired he was or what a hard time he was going through. I don’t know whether it was because he couldn’t fit in yet or because he felt like doing it but Jaebum didn’t eat much during lunch period. One day, when everyone was going off to eat during lunch period, Jaebum was doing pushups while listening to music and I noticed a crumpled notebook open in his bag. He wrote Park Jaebum in his broken hangul and in round brackets, wrote Jay Park. I realized then, that he missed America a lot. Yet it is heartwarming when I see him writing his name in Korean and his awkward Korean.

Although the Korean he wrote in his notebook had bad grammar, he wrote quite a lot of rap lyrics. Jaebum was a thorough kid, he never slacked off during training and trained himself well. If he ever made a mistake, he would blame himself and get all guilt ridden. I cheered him on when he debuted as 2PM’s leader although we were never that close. I have never thought that he wasn’t qualified to be their leader.

Sometimes he would show everyone his B-Boy skills during break time, or he would just burst into rap or beatboxing in school. When I see that I wonder how long he practiced to do all this things so naturally. And the huge blisters on his hands are the scars of the tough training he underwent. Jaebum was especially sensitive to the mistakes that he made so I have an inkling of how he must have felt when this whole thing blew up. To this kid who still doesn’t know Korean culture very well suddenly becoming a hot issue on the internet, where countless of reports and rumours are written about him, showing the bad side of the netizens and how Koreans blow things up, he must have been really guilt ridden about this whole issue, afraid that he will ruin 2PM’s image, afraid that it might leave scars on the 2PM members who were as precious to him as life itself. I can imagine the fear that kept piling up within him the past few days. That’s why he left the 2PM members whom he loved and treasured like life itself.

Jaebum sometimes talked about his younger brother (Jaehan?..I can’t remember his name) but he didn’t go into details so I’m not sure but whenever it was his brother’s birthday, he would write a letter with some scribbling/drawings. Even when he joined university, the place Jaebum would go back to on days like his brother’s birthday wouldn’t be the loving arms of his family but to the practice room or the lonely hostel. Throughout all these, Jaebum never showed how tired or discontent he was so when news of him criticizing Korea came out, I was shocked.

Whenever he wrote his name on books or things he never wrote “Jay” but ‘Park Jaebum’ in his awkward handwriting. When I think of the cheerful Jaebum in high school now, I get really upset and frustrated. I will always support Jaebum. Although I don’t approve of the things Jaebum wrote on the online community, I do believe that Jaebum’s attitude towards Korea has improved. When Jaebum returns, I’ll meet him in the airport smilingly.

Whether you criticize or not it’s up to your own opinion. You might think it’s wrong for me to speak up but everyone, you have hurt his friends too with the words you typed so lightly. I know that you’ve also criticized 2PM’s fans, Wooyoung and his classmates for covering up for his crimes (although I hate to use such a word to describe it). But if your own friend was suffering in this situation would you just stand back? Of course I’m not praising Jaebum for what he did, but as a friend, and as someone who knows that Jaebum isn’t like that, shouldn’t I cheer him on? Do you just keep quiet, not defending a friend when he’s in trouble?

What I’m most afraid of is that Jaebum, who has begun to like Korea, now leaves with an even worse impression of Korea than before. You can say anything you want about what I wrote but I won’t delete this message. I hope Jaebum would cheer up and come back as 2PM’s leader once again showing everyone your cheerful smile.

translated by: sparkskey @ omona
Credits: Soompi

[NEWS] 090915 More on Jay's case??

A new light has been shed on the 2PM JaeBum’s case.

The once heated criticisms against his for his offending messages on his MySpace page has now died down much with his leaving of the group and returning to the States.
And there is starting to be clearance on JaeBum’s wrongdoing, and also emphasis on the problems of the media and looking into the essence of the incident.

Aired on the 15th, MBC ‘PD Notebook’ focused at the JaeBum’s case and talks about the problem of how discussion (of the case) caused the problem to be magnified. And as time pass, the interactions between the fans, netizens and discussion boards get into a chaotic state.

The truth is that emotions and fandom instead of rationality has got to many of the Korean netizens and fans in this case. Some fans and netizens actually played a part on how the case turned out to be in its current state – with the emotional fight the 2 parties have played out. Even though JaeBum should be at the centre of the case, it feels as though he has been thrown out of the spotlight of the whole incident.

With that, mentioned on PD Notebook, with rational judgement, things would have turned out better than it was. It seems that all the discussions about how JaeBum has done wrong and all that fandom to save their oppa have played a large part in the development of this event. This case should have be dealt with without the abnormal and overheated irrationality and judgement.

The turning point

The turning point to the case is the change in public opinions and all the exercises that fans are going through to return JaeBum back to the group.
Netizens are starting to voice, “Did JaeBum really make such a big wrong?”, “What kind of justice has JaeBum been put through all the improper and irrational judgement?”

While there are also netizens who said, “In this event, all parties get hurt. Everyone should time to reflect.”, “What is needed to heal all the wounds is time. Everyone should take a step back, and embrace one another with a rational mind.”

The expert says

A music industry expert also spoke up about this case, “It is true that in this case JaeBum’s words (on MySpace) were inappropriate looking at it on the societal level. But the situation continued at the state where there was no greater understanding. The netizens, fans and press were all irrational.”

“This should not have turned out this way. It was purely a mistake made when young, JaeBum had apologised, all that happening should have ended there. Netizens fell into a crazy chase to put JaeBum into a difficult spot and fans also went on an emtional path of sympathy for JaeBum. The press also ran articles magnifying the situation.”
After the airing of PD Notebook, another music industry expert said, “The fans, netizens and the press should look at the case macroscopically. If another outrage should not arise again. If another piece of the past is to add on to it, it brings more burden to JaeBum, only making it harder for him to return to 2PM. Every party should acknowledge their wrong, and work for a better solution to it.”

Videos> 1 2

CR; KBites

[NEWS] 090915 1500 Fans Present For Ssilent Protest Against 2PM'S Jay being Forced To Quit 2PM

14 SEP 2009

Reduced: 65% of original size [ 875 x 572 ] - Click to view full image

Jay bum, leader of famous korean group, 2PM was forced to return to America because of his negative comments made about Korea. Nearly 1500 fans turned up for the silent protest in front of the JYP office, asking for Jay bum's return to the group as soon as possble. Around 100 police were mobilised to maintain order.

2PM is made up of 7 boys with the average age of 20, and became famous and well known with their single, "Again & Again".Negative comments made by the leader, Jay Bum who grew up in America, before he debuted such as "Koreans are stupid" angered the public and to show his apology, he quitted the group.

On the day before, 1500 fans left 2PM's albums outside the office and blamed JYP:
"Because he was young then, Jay Bum said the wrong things but he has already reflected upon his mistakes. As the company which nurtured him, JYP should protect him instead of making him bearing all the blame himself."

Fans also garnered support from Taiwan, America, Japan & China, etc with an online petition of 100,000 people. At the same time, they also announced the "boycott of activities carried out by 2PM that is without Jay Bum until Jay Bum returns back to the group. 2PM have 7 members, as long as one of them is missing, it isn't 2PM anymore."

Quitting the group to apologise for his mistakes: "2PM" 's leader Jay Bum, was forved to return to America because of negative comments made about Korea.

Translation: runawayroof
Source: My Paper, a Singapore Press Holdings publication

[INFO] 090915 Over 7000 posts in 15 hours at, Keep up the good work!

Reduced: 59% of original size [ 973 x 900 ] - Click to view full image

When I started posting my messages of support for 2pm at I noticed that every time I updated, my last message was knocked off the page by new posts. I began to wonder how many pages of comments there where in total. I never made it to the end but by page 705 I noticed that the date had finally changed. There are 10 messages per page.

That means that between 12:00 AM Korean time and 3.26 PM Korean time there had been about 7050 posts!

And the number is steadily rising.

That's incredible!

Post your messages, too. And if you want to know how many posts there are, just scroll through and multiply the page number by 10.

Reduced: 78% of original size [ 736 x 629 ] - Click to view full image

The first picture shows the page number, 12:00 AM posts, and my computer time. The second picture shows the post times on page 1 and my computer time.

[CYWORLD] 090915 Baek Ji Young shows support for 2PM and Taecyeon

15 Sep 2009
Baek Ji Young shows support for 2PM/taec Fans

Baek Ji Young replied message to 2PM fans on her Cyworld ^^

Message from Fan to Baek Ji Young:

Unni, I'm sorry for leaving you this type of message on cyworld but I just wanted to say that taec oppa is most likely having a hard time right now. I was wondering if you could stay by his side and give him strength. I hope your activities go well too. Unni, FIGHTING! I hope you can accept this favor I ask of you.

Message from Ji Young to Fan:

I hope you can understand that you and I both have similar sentiments. It seems this type of sentiment is rapidly growing...but I should tell you that the decision to continue on with promotional activities was a decision that both taec and I agreed to. So I ask you to encourage and root for us both, with just as much strength. Let's hope for the best...that incidents like that have risen recently and shake the world do not happen again.

Credit: tokyollvogue@Soompi,

[TWITTER] 090915 Jay Logs Onto Twitter?


credits: Twitter 2PMJay, 2ONEDAY (Cap)

Jay's picture changed to the new Twitter default.
The other boys' pictures didn't....
This may mean Jay actually has been signing onto Twitter.

Let me clear up some stuff:
1. That IS the new Twitter Default Picture for those accounts with no pictures.
2. I am saying he may have logged on because it changed, considering the other 6 member's pictures didn't change (somewhat indicating they did NOT log on).
3. You can find all their twitters in at "", on the right with the people JYP is following.

[TWITTER] 090914 Isak Tweets About 2PM Again



[CYWORLD] 091409 Chansung changes his storyroom

Reduced: 61% of original size [ 934 x 528 ] - Click to view full image

Title: "Black..."
Text underneath: "So it's simple^^"
CREDITS: Chansung's Cyworld(SOURCE), G-race (TRANS)

[NEWS] 2PM WooYoung encouraging words to JaeBum, “Have strength”


A fancam of 2PM member WooYoung’s encouraging message to fellow member JaeBum, who left the group on 8th September, has been the hot topic amongst fans and netizens online.

WooYoung was seen in the famcam exchanging looks with JaeBum on stage, and saying, “힘내야지…힘내야지 (Have strength, have strength)”, encouraging JaeBum to show his leader features again.

The fancam was taken 2PM’s performance at the 2009 InCheon Korean Music Wave Festival on 5th September, a day when the whole JaeBum’s MySpace controversy was blown out of proportions. JaeBum has also revealed his official apology about the incident earlier that day.

[PS: It seems that the performance was not for InCheon Korean Wave Music Festival as stated.]

It was also reported that day that JaeBum has scolded, “Sorry” that day before he went up the stage, and after 2PM’s performance he was also seen with a 90 degrees bow to the crowd showing his regrets on the incident.

Meanwhile, fans are fighting and demanding for JaeBum’s return to the group.

Meanwhile, following the leaving of MC roles by 2PM member TaekYeon and WooYoung on SBS Inkigayo, member Nich Khun is also said to be not participating in the recording of SBS StarKing on 14th September.

It was said that 2PM members’ ctivities are currently put on hold. And future plans for their activities will have to be assessed by situation.

source: kbites
video credit: tansod@YT

[NEWS] 090914 Cherry Filter criticizes JYP, speaks out for 2PM

Cherry Filter expressed their bitter worries over the issues currently surrounding 2PM. Leader Jang WooJin stated that they were unable to comprehend his abrupt leave and expressed criticism concerning speculation over JYP employees forcing Jaebum to leave.

"If someone from our company forced one of Cherry Filter's members to leave, it is the same as telling the band to never make music again. Isn't it the same for 2PM?"

He went on to say that it would be impossible for 2PM to fill Jaebum's void. "Their company is so irresponsible for kicking Jaebum out of the group over personal issues dealt over 4 years ago."

translation: thehazyfiasco@soompi

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[NEWS] 090914 2pm fanclub showed their will to share social duties with JAEBUM

14 Sep 2009
2PM fan club showed their will to share social duties with JAEBUM.

In a phone call with Newsen on Sept 14th, the 2PM fanclub indicated that “We hope people won’t misunderstand our will as if we want JAEBUM to come back and rejoin 2PM right away. Our demand for revoking JAEBUM’s resignation is to give JAEBUM some time and space to discipline himself.

We think it’s too cruel for him to leave 2PM and fly to U.S in just 4 days.”
They also said that “We are not denying JAEBUM’s fault. Thus, we are planning to participate in volunteer works and blood donation in order to share JAEBUM’s social responsibility”

About their statement toward JYP, they stated that “JYPE is not taking any official stand on this incident as for now. We proclaimed our statement because we want JYPE to step forward and give actual solution to this issue. We want publics to know that we didn’t announce the statement in order to go against publics’ will and opinion.”

Furthermore, they added that “We are very careful about this because we’re worried if public would misinterpret our statement. We want people to know that our only will is for JAEBUM to have an opportunity to become more mature.”

Credit: Kor-Eng by Kirstyn@Madam2pmsubs Coordinator: Source: Newsen

[NEWS] 090914 JAEBUM to appear on Hanami ads

14 September 2009
Park JAEBUM to appear on Hanami ads

Hanami has made a statement today through its official agency confirming that JAEBUM will be in its ads as original plan. However, this is yet a confirmation that JAEBUM will be back with 2PM, only he will still be in the Hanami CF.

But it's a good sign, right? Keep the faith guys :)

Hanami's statement

14 September 2009

Zing Republic (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd., as an official agency for publishing ads as well as being in charge of all public relations for Hanami products would like to announce the confirmation we received from Hanami company that as of now, Hanami has no plan to cut out Park JAEBUM from its commercial advertisements. Therefore, the making of Hanami ads will go on as original plan with all 7 (original) members of 2PM as its models. This agreement has already been settled with JYPE as well. Now the ads is on the process of editing and it will be released as the original date without any change. We would like to thank you all for your interest and you continual support in our products.

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[INFO] 090914 JYP Claims Jay Has Said Nothing of Return to Korea


JYP Entertainment speaks up about 2PM leader JaeBum’s decision on whether he will return to Korea, “He has not said anything.”

JYP representative responded on MBC ‘Happy Day’ aired on 14th September about the question to whether JaeBum will return to Korea, “JaeBum’s decision to go back to America has nothing to do with the company. He has not spoken about what are the future plans.”

Also on ‘Happy Day’ aired today, the trainee live of the 2PM members were also revealed.

On the show, JaeBum was shown saying, “(During trainee days), I can’t speak Korean, and I was not used to the food. It was tough. Also, it was tough being alone in Kora without my mother.”

Then another member TaekYeon added, “Back then, it was so tough for JaeBum that he cried going to sleep.”

credits: sookyeong, 2ONEDAY (Re-up)

Side Note: I can only tell you all to keep fighting for Jay.

[INFO] Message for JAEBUM from HOTTEST all around the world

the picture is taken from JYPE in NY..

Reduced: 96% of original size [ 600 x 5000 ] - Click to view full image

i wish JAEBUM gets to see all this!!!~
there's so much love and support for him from so many people ;)

JAEBUM, please come back~

Credit: sushikabob89@omona + kpoprants@wp

[NEWS] 090914 KHOTTEST ads to plea for JAEBUM's return in Korean newspaper

14 Sep 2009
K-Hottest's Ads to plea for JAEBUM's return in Korean newspaper

K-Hottest fans have bought an ads space in The Hankyoreh newspaper. The ads is appeared in today's newspaper in the afternoon. The contents in the ads are:

Waiting for 4 years, flying for 1 year, and falling down in 4 days

5 years of living in his motherland taught him that it is "The Republic of Korea" not just "Korea"
5 years of living in his motherland taught him that it is "Korean Language" not just "Korean"
5 years of living in his motherland taught him that it is "Park JAEBUM" not just "Jay Park"

Park JAEBUM, a guy who has yet to learn and fulfill a lot of things.
Please give him a chance to fly in "The Republic of Korea" once again.

The allianced 2PM fans are pleading JYP Ent. to revoke Park JAEBUM's resignation.

-The allianced 2PM fans-

Credit :차차cha@Oneday-room, Kor - Thai by, Thai-Eng by, Edited by
Source : oneday-room

i'm so touched by KHOTTEST...
can we put ads like this in seattle newspapers? i want JAEBUM to read this~ >___<

[CYWORLD] 090913 Entry from Jung Eunjung (Wild Bunny Writer)



Title: Just come before we get you!

Jung Eun Jung

Park Jaebum! (translator's note: she actually spelled it "Park Jaebeum", I suspect that it's a play on his name.)
If you don't come back from Seattle right now...
That one-shot we shot where you suffered in the hot bathroom just to scare your members!
I will cut it all out!

...that's what I want to threaten you with, but...
...I'm just a writer. Hehe.


[NEWS]2PM TaecYeon and WooYoung to leave MC roles on SBS Inkigayo

Having a hard time coping with the fact that their leader JaeBum has left the group, 2PM members TaecYeon and WooYoung have left their MC roles on SBS Inkigayo.

With their last appearance as MCs on the show on 13th September, Park SeongHoon PD of Inkigayo said in a phone interview,”It is not in the production team’s decision to replace the MCs. Even though we did discuss with JYP about it, we have wanted TaecYeon and WooYoung to be MCs on the show.”

Park PD said, “In any case, our production team wishes the best for the 2 MCs. Even though they are the members of 2PM, to us they are individually Ok TaecYeon and Jang WooYoung, it is such a shame that they will not be MCing anymore. The 2 of them are doing very well and wish to continue MCing, but since there may be public opinion about their appearance as MCs on the show, there is no guarantee to it.”

The PD also said, “It is very praise-worthy of them today. They did not mentioned anything, they keep their greetings short like usual. The 2 of them did not think about this as really their last MC appearance.”

With that, Inkigayo production team also put up a notice on their homepage, “There have been changes in just one day, there have been some problems faced by the MCs, and even though we are sorry that we can’t give any promises, we genuinely wish the best for all members of 2PM that they do not receive any hurt and in whatever decisions that TaecYeon and WooYoung may make, we will protect them.”


[NEWS] 090913 Lack of Understanding on Overseas Korean?


Pop idol Park Jay-bum, the leader of 2PM, put himself on an airplane heading to the United States as if he were ordered to leave Korea for this controversial remark, which some people perceived derogatory toward South Korea.

While the controversy is still unfolding, Hankyoreh Sinmun on Saturday ran a piece that pointed out the lack of understanding in Korean society toward the Koreans abroad, who are second or third generations, born to a Korean family there.

Park, for instance, grew up in Palisade, a town in New Jersey that has one of the highest concentrations of Koreans in America. The young Koreans there tend to display the trait of “Twinkie,” a term indicating Asians in the U.S. who make great efforts to assimilate the mainstream American society.

“Their identity is closer to American than Korean,” said an unnamed Korean in the piece who currently lives in the U.S.

The problem is that although these individuals regard themselves as “Americans,” the American society doesn’t regard them as such because of their Asian-looking appearance.

Frustrated, some Twinkies turn to a “negative joke” towards their parents’ country.

“Among Korean Twinkies, there is a culture that if you don’t look down on Korea, you are regarded as a nerd,” said a Korean blogger in America. The 2PM’s seemingly pejorative remark on Korea can be understood in that sense, Hankyoreh said.

Most young Korean-Americans struggle through their adolescent period about their identity and eventually choose one. And the more one lives near a mainstream white American neighborhood the more the possibility he chooses to become a Twinkie.

“In general, the Korean expatriate community respects each individuals’ choice,” the piece said.

Park Jun-kyu, who teaches at South Korea’s Chonnam University and who himself is a 1.5 generation Korean-American told the newspaper: “The term Twinkie is a symbol among young Korean Americans who struggle with their self-identity. The Korean society in a sense overacted to Park’s remark, which he made long time ago. The Koreans here took his remark as an ‘attack’ to the Korean society.”

Since Park’s debut in 2008 the group has become one of hottest pop syndromes in Korea.

But Park fell in hot water for remarks he made in 2005-2007 on Korea, which belatedly became public. He allegedly said, “Korea is gay. I hate Koreans. I wanna come back (to the United States)” on his social networking Web site Myspace, enraging fans.

Source: Korea Times

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[NEWS] 090913 Hottests' protest had to end earlier than expected?

How Hottests’ silent protest outside JYP building ended..

The silent protest put up by 2PM’s fans, to demand for 2PM JaeBum’s return to group 2PM, on 13th September ended 2 hours earlier than expected. The protest started from 2pm and was expected to end at 6pm. However, the protest ended earlier at 4pm.

The reason is that the number of fans who joined the protest was over what was expected, and the operators in the area have to urge the fans to go home earlier.

One of the operators said, “Initally the expected number of fans to turn up was 4~500. But after 3pm, more than 1,500 fans were present. The large number of fans turnup has cause the traffic to be blocked, and the protest have to end earlier than expected.”

One of the fans’ representative said, “We will have the fans go home and clean up the streets by 6pm.”

CR; sookyeong@KBites

[NEWS] 090913 Largest silent protest for 2PM in history..

Around 2:00 pm on Sept 13, 2000 2PM fans from 2PM’s 64 websites have gathered in front of JYPE building for a silent protest. The number of fans were more than they expected, thus 100 police were put in to prepare for any emergency situation. Silent protest was powerful.

The biggest protest caused by Idol member’s withdrawal was not just a simple riot, but its focus was to send a strong message to JYPE. 2PM fans are wearing a black shirts and a mask that says “Bring (JAEBUM) back”. They’ve shown very well ordered manner just as rule of “No violence, No words, No riot” was posted on Fan café.

In this protest, first, the representative of 2PM’s united fan café read their statement of disagreeing on JAEBUM’s withdrawal. Furthermore, they presented 160,000 people’s petition which were made just in 5 days on Daum Agora.

In their statement, 2PM fan club clarified that “When JAEBUM wrote those things on myspace, he was a trainee who had hard time adjusting to Korean culture. His private words to his best friend were out in press with misinterpretation and misunderstanding which did not consider the cultural differences.

Although he admitted that he made a big mistake and apologized for what he did, he didn’t get a time for reflection.” Fan club also indicated JYPE’s reaction toward this incident. They said “Ignoring fan’s expectation, JYPE didn’t take any action or even made an effort to protect their singer. We cannot approve 2PM without JAEBUM” .

They also showed their strong will of boycotting JYPE’s merchandise, if their demand gets ignored. 1000 fans who attended this protest gathered JYPE’s singers’ CD which they had possessed, and returned all of them in front of JYPE building. Among the protest group, “Sa (four) years, Sa (death) days” poster were catching people’s eyes.

the poster translates to:
Four years, the time it took to change him from Jay Park to Park JAEBUM
Four days, the time it took to destroy his dream

'Four years' and 'Four days' is written in the yellow.
Credit to sksk89. Thanks!

This poster also has a quote in the bottom saying “4 years, the time it took Park JAEBUM to change his thought. 4 days, the time it took to break his dream”. It implies that JAEBUM who changed his thought about Korea in 4 years were kicked out of his country in just 4 days.

2PM fan club plan to have their protest until 6:00 PM. Furthermore, on Sept 14, they plan to insert the advertisement for JAEBUM’s return on the first page of newspaper.

CR: Kor-Eng by, Coordinator:
SOURCE: news.nate

[CYWORLD] 090913 Another Entry from "Hot Blood" Writer Kim Jin Kyung

12 Sep 2009
Another entry from "Hot Blood" writer Kim Jin Kyung

Again, I am now about to go to sleep as the sun rises.

In this delirious state, I am going to complain once more to the increased number of visitors to my cyworld and staff related to Jaebum


I have to pause for more than 10 seconds to talk of him. Because I feel so bad...

You're right.. that he wasn't used to the Korean culture/lifestyle... I heard.

I heard.
past tense, 'HEARD'

During Hot Blood?
Yes, that Americanized independent mind... there was a bit of that left. Because he was so thorough in taking care of himself...

I am sorry to the close JYP managers...
But you know... that until then Jaebum was still a kid that considered himself an American...

but you know even better that..
during the Hot Blood...
In fact...
when we were filming the most difficult parts...
the one person that all the members relied on was Jaebum...
And as he slowly started to realize what "membership"(**I think here she might have meant teamwork?) meant..
he started to come together with the group

Realizing this...
isn't that why you made him the leader?

Also, can I say something else?

Our staff...
we saw Jaebum's charm after we met him on the island...
that, "because we know that the other members are such great kids..
we just need to make Jaebum realize what teamwork is... that's all we need to do.."
we worked with this feeling in mind..
During filming.. Jaebum was the one
that felt the most intensely what teamwork meant..
and after that, like a news that we should be surprised about, we heard
that he became the leader..

You know this...

Do you think the reason why they chose Jaebum (who couldn't even speak Korean
that well) to be the leader was because he was the oldest?

Or, because they saw that he had changed enough to be responsible and
found that he had become a guy who could be responsible for a
group with a majority of Koreans?

I think it's the latter...

Taecyeon, Khun, Junsu, Junho, Chansung, Wooyoung are all guys I love like my own kids.

Because I know them...
I know that they are going to be torn between their personal utopia(?) and awareness for unity..
(**this part.. I kind of didn't understand... I am guessing she means that they're probably going through
a lot trying to think about their own careers but also at the same time feeling like they need to be

Please give him back...
I know that even if he's back, we might not be able to see the bright, unselfish, innocent boys that we used to know.
(**here she means in the sense that things are not going to be the same as before)

Even amongst the chaotic public opinion and media...
If Jaebum comes back,
I could predict that they will hold each other and shout
'I'm so happy! Thank you!', and feel the world's greatest happiness
at that moment..

And behind them
Although they are part of a different group,
the faces of Kwon, Seulong, Jinwoon, Changmin, and also Doojoon, Daehun, Liseuchi
come to mind as they will be happy like it's their own group member...

If something worse happens to you guys because I said something like this,
then you should regret that you have introduced me to one of the nicest, honest,
charming kids around...

I am done with what I have to say... If something good results
then even if a problem arises with me,
I will still be thankful...

And this is the last thing I will say about that kid....

Credit:, cyworld; Translation courtesy of - Saradah@Soompi

[TWITTER] 090913 SM's Isak believes in 7=1



Posted just a few minutes ago, as the silent protest continues.
Follow Isak here :




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