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"2PM Hottest Blood" is from Malaysian HOTTEST.

Q: What does '2PM Hottest Blood' mean?
A:#Maybe, I can't describe it like this#
|=|2PM are JaeBeom, JunSu, NichKhun, TaecYeon, Wooyoung, JunHo and ChanSung.
|=| Hottest is what they call us fans.
|=| Blood is mean they are a part of us just like our blood in our body.

#The hold sentence mean '2PM are our Hottest Blood'#

#Officially made on July 30, 2009#

Hello, I'm Summer from Malaysia the owner of "2PM HOTTEST BLOOD". I was born on 19 FEB 1991 (Count how old I am *^-^*). I'm still a student in multimedia design (not officially is but going).

What makes me made this blog about 2PM? I made this blog cause I want to share more news about 2PM to more Malaysian so that 2PM will be famous in Malaysia like DBSK does (DBSK and 2PM are difference type okay. Don't ever compare).

For what I wish is that I hope 2PM will came across
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

[NEWS] 090913 Largest silent protest for 2PM in history..

Around 2:00 pm on Sept 13, 2000 2PM fans from 2PM’s 64 websites have gathered in front of JYPE building for a silent protest. The number of fans were more than they expected, thus 100 police were put in to prepare for any emergency situation. Silent protest was powerful.

The biggest protest caused by Idol member’s withdrawal was not just a simple riot, but its focus was to send a strong message to JYPE. 2PM fans are wearing a black shirts and a mask that says “Bring (JAEBUM) back”. They’ve shown very well ordered manner just as rule of “No violence, No words, No riot” was posted on Fan café.

In this protest, first, the representative of 2PM’s united fan café read their statement of disagreeing on JAEBUM’s withdrawal. Furthermore, they presented 160,000 people’s petition which were made just in 5 days on Daum Agora.

In their statement, 2PM fan club clarified that “When JAEBUM wrote those things on myspace, he was a trainee who had hard time adjusting to Korean culture. His private words to his best friend were out in press with misinterpretation and misunderstanding which did not consider the cultural differences.

Although he admitted that he made a big mistake and apologized for what he did, he didn’t get a time for reflection.” Fan club also indicated JYPE’s reaction toward this incident. They said “Ignoring fan’s expectation, JYPE didn’t take any action or even made an effort to protect their singer. We cannot approve 2PM without JAEBUM” .

They also showed their strong will of boycotting JYPE’s merchandise, if their demand gets ignored. 1000 fans who attended this protest gathered JYPE’s singers’ CD which they had possessed, and returned all of them in front of JYPE building. Among the protest group, “Sa (four) years, Sa (death) days” poster were catching people’s eyes.

the poster translates to:
Four years, the time it took to change him from Jay Park to Park JAEBUM
Four days, the time it took to destroy his dream

'Four years' and 'Four days' is written in the yellow.
Credit to sksk89. Thanks!

This poster also has a quote in the bottom saying “4 years, the time it took Park JAEBUM to change his thought. 4 days, the time it took to break his dream”. It implies that JAEBUM who changed his thought about Korea in 4 years were kicked out of his country in just 4 days.

2PM fan club plan to have their protest until 6:00 PM. Furthermore, on Sept 14, they plan to insert the advertisement for JAEBUM’s return on the first page of newspaper.

CR: Kor-Eng by, Coordinator:
SOURCE: news.nate


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