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"2PM Hottest Blood" is from Malaysian HOTTEST.

Q: What does '2PM Hottest Blood' mean?
A:#Maybe, I can't describe it like this#
|=|2PM are JaeBeom, JunSu, NichKhun, TaecYeon, Wooyoung, JunHo and ChanSung.
|=| Hottest is what they call us fans.
|=| Blood is mean they are a part of us just like our blood in our body.

#The hold sentence mean '2PM are our Hottest Blood'#

#Officially made on July 30, 2009#

Hello, I'm Summer from Malaysia the owner of "2PM HOTTEST BLOOD". I was born on 19 FEB 1991 (Count how old I am *^-^*). I'm still a student in multimedia design (not officially is but going).

What makes me made this blog about 2PM? I made this blog cause I want to share more news about 2PM to more Malaysian so that 2PM will be famous in Malaysia like DBSK does (DBSK and 2PM are difference type okay. Don't ever compare).

For what I wish is that I hope 2PM will came across
this blog. I do have a SHOTBOX on the right side of the blog.


Monday, August 31, 2009

[NEWS] Khun is a "Gamer"?


A recent survey was taken about the upcoming movie "Gamer" which is to be released in September. People were asked to pick a celebrity that they would like to be in control of within the game. The ranking placed Big Bang's G Dragon as first (47%).

2nd place was 2PM's Nichkhun (36%) as Shinee's Minho placed 3rd (10%). At last was Super Junior's leader Lee Teuk (7%) placing 4th.


*The movie "Gamer" features Gerard Butler (from 300 & The Ugly Truth) as he plays the character of a virtual reality game. The movie is about a newly invented virtual reality game where the player has full control over their characters and the characters speak to them. The truth behind the game is that the characters are in fact real life people put into those dangerous situations and die if the player loses.

[NEWS] Junsu With a New smile


Ever since 2PM began promotions for their single I Hate You, member Junsu has constantly been covering his adorable face with those annoying face masks, both on and off the stage. The general consensus was that he had gotten sick, and the face mask was worn to prevent the spread of any germs to fellow members or fans. There was also talk that Junsu underwent surgery for rhinitis, the technical term for a runny nose, which would've explained the face mask being used to stop any nasal drippage.

But netizens have noticed that in recent photos of Junsu, his smile seems to have changed. In earlier photos, his gums were always clearly visible whenever he smiled.

In these photos taken a couple days ago, Junsu's gums are, well, noticeably not there anymore.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

[NEWS] 2PM&2AM at the MNet 20's Choice Awards


i'll start off with a few pics at the blue carpet..

here is the video of them arriving at the blue carpet ::

[INFO] Will 2PM & BEG ever stop meeting in embarassing situations?

No, this is not a new article lol, it's just an update with our boys. So as some of you might have known, BEG ladies walked in when our boys were recording their DEG MV and without a doubt, no one would ever deny that it was hella embarrassing for our boys. Now, it's the BEG's turn as one of their members, Miryo sang to 2PM's I Hate You on radio, only to be walked in by our boys later. So what's the embarrassing part for them? Miryo didn't sing too well, it wasn't really a proper cover lol, and to be walked in by the 2PM boys at the end must have made her embarrassed at some point.

So.. will the two groups ever stop meeting in such incidences anymore? HAHA.
Watch it here :

Note : This is not a bashing (BEG) article -_- and if any bashing occurs, you'll be warned severely.

[TRANS] 2PM Sept. Issue of Cosmopolitan Interview, Nichkhun, Chansung, Junho, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junsu

Reduced: 57% of original size [ 1004 x 1276 ] - Click to view full image

Nichkhun, Hwang Chansung, Lee Junho, Ok Taecyeon, Jang Wooyoung, Kim Junsu
On the 11th of August at 7pm, Jaebum couldn’t make it because of his schedule and Junsu had to wipe the blood from his nose from time to time with a face swollen from a nasal operation. Taecyeon was in pain because of his vocal chords, Chansung and Junho are busy getting ready for the photoshoot. Wooyoung is sleeping on a sofa, Nichkhun is staring into space in his seat. 2PM is currently the busiest, most tired Idols in South Korea. But it had to be them. Because 2PM is the ‘wild idol group’ who upgraded the word ‘beast’.

Even though 2nd album promotions are over, you are still busy
(Chansung) I don’t know how it happened, but we got more schedules at the same time as we ended official promotions. This is a new feeling.
(Junho) People are looking for us so much that it’s strange, the love is almost too much.

Why do you think you are so much busier?
(Nichkhun) Because we film variety shows, go to Thailand often, do interviews, and events, that’s why.
(Taecyeon) My… throat is a bit…
(Junsu) Me, I need to use the bathroom.
(Wooyoung) Okay fine all of you just go go go go go.

It seems that the photoshoot is quieter without the leader
(Wooyoung) For Jaebum hyung, on the outside he looks quite charismatic and seems like the kind of guy that will change the atmosphere, but he also has a rather cheap, totally opposite side to him. It’s quiet today because there’s no one to taunt us. He teases us, makes us look bad, and is noisy anyway.
(Nichkhun) Cause Jaebum hyung says a lot of silly things.
(Wooyoung) His problem is that he thinks he’s really funny when actually people just laugh because they don’t know how else to react.
(Taecyeon)(In a small voice) That’s right. Heuap Heuap Heua…

The reaction for ‘again&again’ from your 2nd album was explosive. It was different from when you ended your 1st album activities..
(Junho) I think filming the variety show helped a lot.
(Nichkhun) For the 1st album if we touched others’ butts and was cheeky, I think we are more popular this time round because we’re serious and sexy. I’m not sure if that’s the reason why but people tell us often that we sexy, we’re manly.

[Caption for picture] There are some men who have re-defined the word ‘beast’. They love their bodies, and are strong and dependable as they expresses their feelings expertly using their bodies. They, whose natural selves are greater than something made-up, are 2PM, Moon Shiners, Drunken Tiger. editor Cho YoonMi

Do you like to hear that you are manly, sexy?
(Junho) I do, but I don’t know because I haven’t heard it much.
(Nichkhun) Of course it’s good to hear.
(Wooyoung) Isn’t being sexy a good thing? On a different note, Khun hyung usually doesn’t speak much at all. I think he’s talking more on purpose today because of the state of our other members. Isn’t it good?

We’re thankful. Haha, he knows when to stop as well. Then how about being told you are beastlike?
(Junho) I like it because it seems like a phrase that expresses 2PM well. Even though they call us that, it’s not the ‘Ugh~ what an animal’ kind of thing.
(Wooyoung) For me, I rejected the idea at first. But then I started to like it because the reactions of everyone around us made ‘beast’ a word to be proud of. I suppose I’m quite proud of the fact that we were the reason that word was upgraded.
(Taecyeon)(Whispering) Me too, the word. Beast. I like it.

What do you think sexiness is?
(Wooyoung) Something that comes out of you when you’re honest and natural.

Reduced: 71% of original size [ 804 x 1030 ] - Click to view full image


[In the photo]
Ok Taecyeon
When do you feel sexy? Standing onstage after hair and makeup.
Your favourite part of your body? Eyebrows and ears. They are different.
Whose body are you most envious of in 2PM? If I had to choose, Chansung.
When do you feel a guy is sexy, even as a guy yourself? I’m never thought of a guy as sexy.
When do you feel the opposite gender is sexy? When they are giving it their all for something.

When do you feel sexy? When doing a photoshoot
Your favourite part of your body? Lips
Whose body are you most envious of in 2PM? I envy Jaebum’s muscles because he always goes around shirtless in our dorm.
When do you feel a guy is sexy, even as a guy yourself? When sweating it out during excercise.
When do you feel the opposite gender is sexy? When your eyes meet and they smile at you.

When do you feel sexy? When I’m completely focussing on dancing.
Your favourite part of your body? My thigh muscles
Whose body are you most envious of in 2PM? Not a body, but Khun’s face.
When do you feel a guy is sexy, even as a guy yourself? When they’re sweating.
When do you feel the opposite gender is sexy? When they forehead is moist and wet, except after being rained on.

Kim Junsu
When do you feel sexy? When I go to Daegu.
Your favourite part of your body? Um, my collarbone?
Whose body are you most envious of in 2PM? Nichkhun
When do you feel a guy is sexy, even as a guy yourself? When they dance really well
When do you feel the opposite gender is sexy? Not when they are trying to look sexy, but when they have natural long flowing hair.

Lee Junho
When do you feel sexy? I haven’t yet.
Your favourite part of your body? My butt.
Whose body are you most envious of in 2PM? Park Jaebum’s chest. It’s big and firm.
When do you feel a guy is sexy, even as a guy yourself? When they are covered in the right amount of sweat while dancing.
When do you feel the opposite gender is sexy? When they look at me sexily.

Hwang Chansung
When do you feel sexy? When I’m excercising
Your favourite part of your body? Eyes
Whose body are you most envious of in 2PM? Jaebum hyung’s body muscles.
When do you feel a guy is sexy, even as a guy yourself? When Jaebum hyung dances.
When do you feel the opposite gender is sexy? Haven’t thought about it.

Reduced: 71% of original size [ 806 x 1033 ] - Click to view full image


(Nichkhun) Something that shows when you look confident.
(Junsu) Something that comes out when you are highly energetic.

What do you think about the leader who keeps showing off his torso to look sexy?
(Wooyoung) Once he revealed it, I pitied him because everyone wanted to see, but really he’s enjoying himself.
(Nichkhun) I don’t think it’s weird that he does, because he takes care of his body so much that he works out at 3am. Jaebum hyung is hopelessly addicted to working out.

We heard that Chansung, Junho and Nichkhun are building their bodies lately. Then who doesn’t take care of their body?
(Everyone points to Junsu)
(Junsu) The others say that I don’t exercise, but if you ask me, I do. I just don’t ‘work out’ and build muscles, that’s all.

What are your thoughts on the human body as a dance singer?
(Wooyoung) Are you talking about muscles that show on the outside?

No, we’re asking about how it is interpreted to people who are ‘do’ music.
(Wooyoung) I know that a musician’s body is something extremely important. Because through your body you can sing, dance, express yourself.
(Junho) I think in our situation, where we do acrobatic dance, there is more of a need to show our bodies compared to people in other music genres.
(Chansung) I think, for people who do music, the way you train your body differentiates on what message you send out. If you have to show more dance moves, your body should be slim and muscular, so your bodyline looks better and the song reaches out to more people. If you have to sing a song concentrating on the vocal part, you should increase your body fat to let you breath better. Because you can sing better if you know have a bigger lung capacity. I think for us, 2PM, it’s important that our bodylines are sharp as we’re a group that performs often.

You say the body is important, but what will you do if you’re sick and hurt all the time like this?
(Wooyoung) That’s just because Junsu hyung doesn’t take care of himself very well. Jaebum hyung and I also have a slight nasal problem, but Junsu hyung suffered from it a lot more than us. But his face is a lot cuter now, probably because of the operation he had done.
(Junsu)(Lowering his mask) I’m sick, you know? Wah wah.
(Nichkhun) Now I see that he really has become more adorable! Hehe. Anyway we all have to get better. Especially because Taecyeon hurt his voice doing the rap part for ‘I Hate You’ while trying to make it strong and low.
(Wooyoung) We shouldn’t be sick. Anyhow, we’re all kiddos that need some care. I say.

Cr: Kor-Eng Janne@Madam2pmsubs, Coordinator

[NEWS] 2PM for first ever bicycle-themed concert in Korea

Beasty idol group 2PM will do a concert, first ever bicycle-themed concert in Korea.

They will be participating in the concert ‘LOVE BIKE POWER CONCERT’ coming 29th August in SongDo Central Park.

This concert is a special event from ‘Green Bike Expo 09′ held on 7th August in InCheon Global City Festival, and will be a 2-hour concert.

Other than 2PM, other performing artistes are Hwayobi and Untouchable, Brand New Day, OhEeDo Band (who had a hit on SBS Star King previously).

There will also be a gag section to the concert performed by KBS Gag Concert gagmen Kim ByungMan and Kim JaeWook.

There will also be a showcase of bike skills performances by professional bike riders. The concert will be a free-for-all concert.


[TWITTER] JYP makes 2PM's second song on a plane


Where do I find time to make music?Making 2pm's 2nd song in da plane back to da Wonder Girls!

what do you guys think?
honestly, this got me a bit apprehensive. can an awesome soongg come from a musical genius in a process of being jet-lagged? even though we have no standard (for all we know he wrote AAA in a bathroom), its still scary.. but then again it looks like he just took a picture to brag? haha. JYP fighting! welovesyou! i have faith, nonetheless

[NEWS] 090827 2PM asks Netizens


[Star On]: 2PM asked the netizens

Recently, 2PM has finished activities for their second single and are preparing for a new album. They are interacting with fans through various shows.

On Mnet's variety program, 'Wild Bunny,' the members are providing much laughter by endlessly showing their truthful personalities while Ok Taekyeon is gaining popularity by featuring in Baek Jiyong's album.

Nate News Star Interview [Star On] met the 'Beastly- Idols' 2PM.

The 2PM members asked the netizen three questions.

First| We notice the increasing love. We're so thankful for the love, but we would like to ask the objective of why? As singers, what is 2PM's good points? (Junho)

Second| 2PM is always showing fans our truthful identities. Even though we do that, fans want to know our real characters. Why would fans want to know our (2PM's) private lives? We are just the way you see us. (Chansung)

Third| When I see different shows, there are a lot of people that say they are my fans. But when I leave the company office, or when I go to fan signings, those that give me presents or those that are excited to see me are the least. Is that because I am a difficult person to go near? (Nickhun)

CREDITS : 10 Asia (SOURCE), cheiwon @ 2ONEDAY.COM (TRANS)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

[NEWS] 2PM will perform for a ‘teen female star’ in ‘2009 Mnet 20’s Choice’, i sense jealousy around the corner

‘Beast idol’ 2PM will be putting on an extravagant performance to win someone’s heart.

2PM will put on an extravagant performance for the 3rd ‘2009 Mnet 20’s Choice’, South Korea’s only summer awards, this coming 28th August at an indoor gym in Jamshil, Seoul.

Mnet 20’s Choice is an event that is acknowledged for it well-planned, strong performances as well as the fact that they spot South Korea’s mainstream trends, escaping one specific category.

Fans’ expectations are high as to what kind of stages and performances the coming 2009 ‘Mnet 20’s Choice’ will bring. Especially anticipated is 2PM, who have swept the interests of people in the 10-30s this year.

At the moment the lucky girl who will get the love of all the members of 2PM is strictly secret, only known as a female star around 15-17 years old. It is estimated that fans with be completely envious of this mystery girl, as she will receive a performance incorporating the different charms and quirks of the individual members. It is said that the curiosity of fans, who have already been notified of the news, will grow bigger and bigger.

Credits: Kor-Eng: Janne@Madam2PMsubs Coordinator: Cassina@2PM-online Source: Newsen Reporter Kim Hyung Woo

[PIC] 250809 Tourism Authority Press Conference, Khun


cr: as tagged, oneday-room,

[PICS] Does Jay Resemble This animal?


[VIDEO] 2PM & 2AM Wild Bunny: Dirty Eyed Girls Parody [HD]

Dirty Eyed Girls is out.
I'm going to give out the link to youtube 1st and later it will be upload to this blog.

Here is the RIP MP3 for the song in the video

Thanks to this youtube user

[FANS] Just read it

When I suddenly hold his hand

-flinch- "... you scared me" and smiles - Leader Jay
"You've been around haven't you ?" - Teasing his GF, Junsu
doesnt even notice her holding his hand because he nis busy looking at someother girl - Animal Taec
"Your hand is very soft and pretty" - Gentleman Khun
doesn't hide his happiness - adorable wooyoung
no expression - chic Junho
"dont touch my hand, this is the hand of a professional gamer of the world" - Lost in the thought of computer games, Chansung

1. When I faint infront of 2PM

- "(name)!!! babe, you're ok, right?? " + runs to the hospital with her on his back - Jay
- " wh. what the f!! (name) are you okay??? " - is too shocked to do much - Junsu
- holds her using all his strength to get her to the hospital - taec
- Crying. - khun ** you know they make khun a baby in these things, i know there's a man in him
- keeps on talking to me who doesnt respond - 911 - Junho
- "!&^#%!*@#!)@&#^!" using all sorts of swear words because he doesnt know what to do
- wooyoung who just panics and calls his mom and asks what he should do

2.When a pedo keeps staring at his GF

- "This is a conspiracy!! " - Jayy
- "babe , are you cold - hug-?" makes his every motion obvious that she has a bf already - Junsu
- already busy looking at other girls - taec
- "you want to die? -threathens the man-" Junho
- Just beats the man up - chansung
- gives the man his "scarey look" - adorable khuniee
- just walks off - wooyoung

3. Going to meet 2PM's parents

- gives his girl a kiss - jay
- is very proud of his girl in front of his parents - junsu
- as soon as taec walks in with his girl, his mom says " t..t..taec.. you didnt cause another 'accident ' d.. did you"
- "mom! this is your daughtor in law~" adorable wooyoung
- "girl friend." - and just walks off
- "She eats just as much as me!" Chansung
- khun who just stays by her side so she wont feel uncomfortable

4. When i meet up with a guy friend and he greets me with a hug

- "you guys are really close? " his expression is dark and gives my friend a glare
- " (name!) you only belong in my arms!" - doesnt hide his fustration - Junsu
- " i can hug any girl i want but you can only hug me " - playboy taec
- greets my friend kindly - pure khun who doesnt think much of it
- wooyoung who pulls me away
- junho who gets pissed off at me afterwards
- chansung who goes up to my friend and says "let go."

5. When i came into 2pm's house during a storm and my clothes are wet, he gives me his clothes to change into, but when i went to change, i didnt close the door shut

-"woah.. woah.. woah.." jay who gets exited
- " cl..close the door!" junsu who gets embarassed
- khun whos eyes get round and just keeps on looking , when his girl friend sees him " khunnie didnt see anything T-T"
- Just comes in and hugs me - beast teac
- "omg omg omg... - stares for a while - omg omg omg.." just keeps staring - wooyoung
- just closes the door and starts working out ... junho.. to do what?
- too busy to look, must play games - chansung

6. When i ask him to hug me

- " really??" like he's been waiting for it - jay
- "if i hug you , you have to give me a kiss in return " - romantic junsu
- "hehehhehehe, are you ready ?" and starts walking towards his gf doing his eyebrow thing - i dont think its a hug he's going for - taec
- who just does it - khun
- wooyoung who says " can you come to me?"
- Junho who acts like he doesnt want to but doesnt let go
- can we move on to the next level in our relationship? - chansung

7. When i suddenly go in for a kiss

- makes the most out of the moment - jay
- junsu who backs away saying " the guy is supposted to do things like this" and kisses her
- pulls her into his room - beast taec
- is really shy - wooyoung
- junho who wants more than a kiss but repects his gf
- chansung who turns off his game and kisses his gf

please give credit if your taking this :)

Credits to Naver &

[PICS] Taec would make a pretty girl ...

Our Taec would make a pretty girl, don't you think Hottests??

Monday, August 24, 2009

[TWITTER] 090824 JYP upload picture with Khun

@followjyp post a picture with nichkhun.

I think Nichkhun's recording will go really well today because...


[NEWS] W Magazine Editorial about 2PM

There are times when you feel this way: ‘Being young is being hot, lively, and handsome like this.” When you’re looking at these 7 young men, armed with straightforward honesty and energy that doesn’t ever get tired like water never runs out no matter how much you use it, you can see the dynamic youthfulness. Lately, 2PM, who makes many Koreans’ hearts shake, is a unique idol group who always has the modifier ‘wild’ attached to their name. The honesty and perkiness that these young men have are their strong charms. When the question, “Is it okay to be THIS honest?” was asked, they answered as if they had nothing to worry. They were saying that if they try to make up some cool answer then it could become awkward so they don’t even attempt to do that.

Leadja Jaebum raised a conspiracy theory saying, “People are like 2PM is awesome, they’re the best but I think they’re just trying to make us feel more confident,” but this is not a simple conspiracy. Dominating music shows that people say are going through the worst depressions these days; controlling pretty much every variety shows; and finally making it impossible for noonas (older female fans) and aunts, who have never liked idols before, to go back to their normal social lives; are definitely not things that a new group that debuted little less than a year ago could do.

Going to so many schedules that they can’t even remember everything they did, these young men, who seem to have come back from some schedule just a couple hours before, looked very tired. Certain that they won’t have any time to rest until next year, 2PM has things scheduled for them every day, even though it’s not their official time to promote their album. Dutifully saying “But we have to work hard whenever we have schedules,” these members don’t think that their fame is not a surprise present that appeared in front of them all of a sudden. This is because they were able to handle their lives as trainers, a time that was more than merely a time of difficulty to become a singer and because they worked as hard as they could, sweating and crying. That’s why instead of being satisfied with the compliments that they’re awesome, they think about how much more they have to work to make the stage they’re standing on right now a perfect stage.

Loyal, youngest Chansung said, “It’s a good thing that we’re popular among many people and we’re standing in a good place. However, if you look at it from another side, I feel like we’re receiving way too much fame and love at a young age. I have thought that it would have been better if we were given this fame and love after we’re older and we have more experience. I’m worried that we’re going to be making mistakes because this popularity came to us too early.” What the 7 members, including Nickhun, are all saying as one is that they won’t be satisfied with the situation they’re in right now. They’re saying that they won’t be too affected by what people say because they know that they have many things to do to go even further.

When I was reflecting on thoughts like this, ‘They’re young guys with a very truthful heart, what did I do when I was their age,’ a cat in the studio changed the mood around. These all grown-up guys who saw the purring cat all turned into playful children. These guys, who seem like they would play with the cat that didn’t have any special reactions for about an hour or two without getting bored, looked like they were more of silly high school students. When Junho starts humming a song, Wooyoung adds in with his singing and Taecyeon dances along the rhythm. Friends who play around like that laughing, their enjoyable energy becomes charged again.

7 young guys, who lived their 10s and early 20s crazily, know exactly what they earned and what they lost with the name 2PM. They can’t walk on the streets and go to places with their friends like before and they have to give up their private lives because they have to live a group life. They say, “But we learned that if you want to achieve something, you need to accept some things. They’re living a different life from other 20 year olds but they’re proud that they’re becoming ‘men’ that do their best in what they do.

Jaebum says, “The goals in the group 2PM might include a big award in the awards show at the end of the year or first place in a music show but our main goal is to get along like brothers and a family like we do right now.” Each person’s dream is different outside their career as a member of 2PM. They want to act, they want to work with a different music genre, and they think about doing business in a different field. However, one thing they’re certain about is that even though they’re dreams are different, the path to making those dreams come true are the same. Singing when a song starts playing or automatically dancing when a lively music comes on no matter how tired they are, these guys practice, using the time to sleep, and they go all over the place that it seems like a day isn’t enough for them but they coolly respond, ‘It’s something we do because it’s fun.’ The attention they get and the responsibility placed on their shoulders increased a lot from one year ago. However instead of falling down from that pressure, they prepare for their next album, thinking about challenging themselves even further. This is evidence that these guys are really becoming a man.

CREDITS: W Mag Editor Suh Dong Hyun + qtkrngal515 @ (trans)

[TRANS] 2PM's Sept. Issue of Elle Girl, all 6 boys' interview!


Three words that define me:
I’m full of energy, I want to be a better son, and I want to be an outstanding person is the words said by Jaebummie.

When you look back on your promotions for the 2nd album:
To say it in one phrase, I was extremely happy. It was the first time since our debut that we’ve placed first and even with our next song to follow on that was simply amazing.

What are you working hard on nowadays?
Just like five years ago, my hobbies have never changed from watching dancing clips and working out. When we have too much schedules to handle and no time to work out, I bring small dumbbells to the waiting room and do it there.

A musician you’d like to meet?
Not too long ago passed away Michael Jackson and I wanted to meet him ever since I was younger. Just like everyone says, he’s truly the “legend of music” and seeing the news about his death was shocking. I thought all of our schedules will be cleared for that day as respect but it didn’t happen.

Your 10/10 ideal girl?
I think aside from the looks and the body, her charms are more important. I’m not drawn to the girls who act very cute and I like girls without make up. I think their natural beauty is a bigger charm to a woman.

Your habits that you do ‘Again & Again’?
My lips get dried easily so I have the tendency to lick my lips a lot.

A member you once had the thought of saying ‘Niga mibda’?
Chansung when it comes to him eating all our food. Junsu when he’s the last one out to the car as we wait for him. Well, it’s not really a hate thing but moreover just a “What” thing.

For a day, if you could, which group would you like to be a member of?
Drunken Tiger. Not too long ago I met Tiger JK in a music program and he seemed so chill and he is a great musician.

What do you want to do during your break?
Next week I’m off to see my family in the States. It’s been two & a half years since I’ve gone and my parents are excited. Including the times for flights and such, I would be there for a week or so. If I had more time given on my hands, I would like to practice dancing with my old bboy crew and go out to competitions with them.

What’s the fun part of being in an idol group?
I think of myself as a singer who sings and dances. I never think of myself as an idol. Also when I go out on variety programs, I just show myself and who I am. I never have to really maintain my image and since I’m not into smoking or drinking, there’s really no worry.

Reveal one secret about Taecyeon.
When we go out on variety shows, we prepare for our performances that we might show but Taec is in charge of editing out who sings which parts. Sometimes he does his own make up.

What’s your favorite out of the nicknames your fans give you?
Ba Jaebum, leadja, Elder Ba, Ripped Jaebum… there’s a lot. But out of all of those, I think I like leadja the best. It sticks onto you and it’s unique (the nickname was made on the show ‘Idol Army’ when they visited elders and a grandmother could pronounce ‘leader’).

As a leader, what do you tell your members the most?
As a leader, I don’t do much. I just tell them sometimes that “You messed up on this portion and you’ll fix it, right?” but other than that, there’s nothing different. Also, these advices are given not just by me but amongst everyone.

Any ideas on the next album?
All we know is that it’ll be out by sometime October; there’s nothing solid about it yet. With 10/10, it was a fun vibe but with Again & Again, it was a bit dark and a bit fantasy like (I’m guessing the lights and stuff with this). Hopefully, we can have a bright, hip hop style for the upcoming one.

Three words that define me:
Stubborn, inferiority, and perseverance. With the inferiority of my skills and visuals not leveling up, I’m persevering to make it work.

What are you working hard on nowadays?
When I listen to music, I think “Next time when I compose, I should go for a style like this” which has become a habit now. I’m also into fashion and I look at a lot of magazines. I also look at the issues from international collections. Aside from being an idol singer, I want to be an icon and so studying on working on my visuals is important. For example, Kanye West who’s a musician but has his own fashion line.

An incident you remember?
During our promotions for out 1st album, Jaebum hyung hurt himself while doing acrobatics and so I took on that part for him. I fell from doing a stunt badly and so I pulled a ligament. I knew that if another news article got out of me injuring myself after jaebum hyung, our image might go down and so I remember staying hushed about this. I don’t even think the fans knew.

Are you a meat eater or a veggie go-er? (this is like saying are you a weak or a strong person)
No matter the circumstances, I’m a sensitive person and I over-think on a lot of things; I’d say I’m a veggie person but I have the personality of a meat eater who never likes to show their weak side.

A musician you’d like to meet?
Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, Usher, and also the person I can’t meet anymore, Michael Jackson. Within Korea, I’d like to become closer with Dynamic Duo and Bi/Rain hyung. I know there’s more if I think harder but that’s all for now.

Your 10/10 ideal girl?
I get asked this a lot to choose from celebrities now but I can’t possibly choose from someone based on their looks when I know nothing of their personality along with never having talked to them before. But if I really had to choose, I’d say the character Ha Chae Kyoung (the fiancée of Goo Jun Pyo/Lee Min Ho) of the drama Boys Over Flowers.

Your habits that you do ‘Again & Again’?
When I’m alone, I tend to be serious and over think a lot of things. When I set myself on a decision, I constantly think if it was the right decision or not.

A member you once had the thought of saying ‘Niga mibda’?
Khun hyung. He says he’s not good looking. Is that even possible?

For a day, if you could, which group would you like to be a member of?
I have a lot of greed on going solo and when I have the opportunity of going solo, I’d like to work with my sunbae Lee Hyori.

What do you want to do during your break?
If I was given a longer period of time to take a break, I’d like to go on vacation. Go to America by myself and make friends there. Maybe if I just run into people, my English can improve. Ah~ I want to be better in English.

Reveal one secret about Taecyeon.
There’s not much secrets about Taecyeon hyung because everything was revealed. As of right now, he’s actually helping me with my English. Whenever I ask him something about English, he replies back nicely.

Are there changes to now and back in your debut days?
Before in my debut days, when I went out in the streets, no one recognized me but now they do. Haha. Oh, and I got a feel of how variety programs work now. I used to be nervous all the time but now, I know when to step in and step out of the situation (i.e. interviews, shows, etc).

What’s one charm you’d like to have?
Not too long ago, I wanted to be sexy. But now, with my age, I think cute is more suitable and I like it better. I think gaining the sexy title later on will come naturally as I grow older.

You hear a lot about looking like Rain/Bi.
Before I even made my debut I heard a lot from the people around me about how I look like Rain/Bi hyung. Now when our manager hyung introduces me as “the kid who looks like Rain,” no one believes him. I think after being with 2PM, people see me as my own person.

Three words that define me:
Masculine, honest, and responsible.

When you look back on your promotions for the 2nd album:
I was happy that we received more than we had expected. The most memorable performance was when we were outside in the rain (Ulsan performance). Even though it was wet and we were careful on not slipping, the fans filled up the seats to watch us in the pouring rain.

What are you working hard on nowadays?
I’m practicing piano. Not too long ago I went back to Thailand and for a talk show, I played the piano. The response of the audience was really positive and so I found a couple of songs I want to master but there’s just not enough time to practice.

A musician you’d like to meet?
The pianist Yiruma. I used to take piano lessons before moving to the States when I quit. When I was around seventeen, I listened to Yiruma’s Kiss the Rain and I fell in love. That’s when I decided to start piano again.

Your 10/10 ideal girl?
It’s a hard question; you can’t just give a 10 based on solely looks since personality is also important. I generally like a girl who’s nice and innocent along with smartness.

Your habits that you do ‘Again & Again’?
I tend to say the word “like” a lot. When I can’t think of the word I’m trying to say, the word “like” just comes out naturally.

A member you once had the thought of saying ‘Niga mibda’?
I sometimes hate Jaebum hyung because he’s so cool. When I first stepped foot in JYPE, I saw him dance and I was blown away. His charisma on stage is unbelievable and the song he featured for V.O.S. (To Luv) is also good.

For a day, if you could, which group would you like to be a member of?
I would actually like to have a ballad group with Jin Young (JYP) hyung. I’ve always wanted for us to sing together and play the piano. Even though he’s scary when it comes to music, he’s nonetheless a fun and cute hyung when having fun.

What do you want to do during your break?
I want to go to Jejudo Island because I love the beach. I’ve never been there and it would be great to go without the reason of filming or working. Eating lots of food and resting—a real vacation.

What’s the fun part of being in an idol group?
I have members that are my close friends and receiving the love of many people which makes me happy.

Reveal one secret about Taecyeon.
There’s no secrets about Taecyeon: he’s the Taecyeon you see on telelvision. If I really had to pick something, I’d say he sleeps a lot. He sleeps in the car, sleeps while getting his make up done, and sleeps in the waiting room.

What’s the best nickname for 2PM?
I think the nickname “beastly idol” fits well. When you see us on stage, “cute” doesn’t really fit as we lean more towards “sexy” or “hot”. We also play around pretty rough. “Chansung, BAM!”

The world of variety shows and your special way of adjusting.
For performing, you show exactly what you’ve practiced but with the variety programs, it’s based on how fast you act which is difficult. When I first went on a variety program (YSMM), I lost the timing to step in so I couldn’t say anything. I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable and my Korean is improving.

Is there a complex for the perfect prince?
I’m not at all perfect. I have the greed to do well in whatever I do, being it dancing, singing, or going on variety programs. My heart becomes heavy when I feel like I haven’t done my best. I want to keep practicing so that I won’t hear the phrases “he’s only looks.”

Three words that define me:
Rhythym, smiling, and thinking.

When you look back on your promotions for the 2nd album:
All of our members had their chance to get themselves known. Each placed their own positions in either variety shows, the radio, and other places. Due to their efforts, this was able to happen.

What are you working hard on nowadays?
Studying English. I’m truly thankful for my English speaking hyungs that I bother endlessly for even the supplementary definitions.

Who was the artist you wanted to meet the most?
I know it’s not possible now but Michael Jackson. In kindergarten, I saw one of his videos and thought to myself “Wow, who knew someone could be so amazing” and so I picked up the interest in dancing and singing then. When I heard the news of his death, I wished it was a rumor...

Your 10/10 ideal girl?
I like the character that Kim Sun Ah played in the drama “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”. I like a woman who’s honest and tough.

Your habits that you do ‘Again & Again’?
I say things and have the tendency to think over on how that person might react. I worry that I may have hurt them and I even stress over situations that may be long forgotten.

A member you once had the thought of saying ‘Niga mibda’?
Chansung and I are more of the floor people so we sleep in the living room together. The thing is, Chansung messes up the place with his pants, socks, and sometimes even underwear lying around, showing us what he wore from head to toe that day. He cleans when I tell him to but it’s become a problem with him lately.

For a day, if you could, which group would you like to be a member of?
Onetwo. They don’t care about what people have to say about them and sing because they want to. How they have fun on stage looks very enjoyable.

What do you want to do during your break?
If I could take a month off, I’d spend two weeks of it down in Busan with my family and friends. Then another week, I want to go to a workshop with the members of 2AM & 2PM, having fun and sharing deep talks. Then the last week, I want to go to the studio and practice dancing.

Living your life as an idol star.
You have to be very studious like in this world. You have to watch out what you say and how you act. The more I practice this, I feel myself becoming a better person also. The problem with this is even meeting a friend of the opposite gender.

Reveal one secret about Taecyeon.
Whether it’s watching anime or playing games, he stays up. Even when we have a schedule at 7AM, he’s sometimes up until then and seeing him tired makes me sad.

As MC of SBS’s Inkigayo, what is your motive?
Whenever I start something new, I tend to get nervous a lot. thankfully, the PD told me to not try to become a top MC but to do things naturally. Just like how I act with Taecyeon hyung when it’s just us, I decided to go by that method.

Why do you have so many male fans?
That’s false. When I was in Thailand, I only had 2-3 male fans approach me. I think because of that, somehow, the news got twisted.

Three words that define me:
White, red, and black. Achieving to maintain a white stage is almost impossible for me. Red is for passion and black is the part in my heart that I can’t show to anyone.

When you look back on your promotions for the 2nd album:
Even though our stage performances weren’t perfect, we still gained so much love. The love gained is so overwhelming and that for the next album, we work harder to fulfill that same amount. I think the most memorable show I went on was ‘Infinity Challenge’ when they had the challenge of eating 250 servings of sam gyub sal. I felt like I ate 10 servings by myself.

Are you a meat eater or a veggie go-er? (this is like saying are you a weak or a strong person)
Haha, I’m a mixed diet person.

A musician you’d like to meet?
Being a musician and an actor, Jamie Fox. He’s my role model. I was amazed when I saw him in the movie playing as Ray Charles. He perfected in acting and singing so well. It made me want to have a role like that in a project (movie/drama/etc.).

Your 10/10 ideal girl?
Since I can’t really think of one off the top of my head, I think that I still haven’t met my “ideal girl”. Even though she’s pretty, I don’t like a girl without any charms. I like someone who loves what they do and knows what they’re doing.

Your habits that you do ‘Again & Again’?
Since I prefer sleeping on the floor rather than a bed, I just bring with me a blanket and sleep. There was a time where I was sleeping, woke up, hit Wooyoung hyung’s butt and fell back asleep. When I was younger, I used to kick my hyung a lot and so I think I’ve developed a weird habit.

A member you once had the thought of saying ‘Niga mibda’?
Junsu hyung because he always says he has no money but I see clothes or shoes that I’ve never seen before.

What do you want to do during your break?
I want to go away on vacation to an island with nobody on it in a pension. I just want to rest and sort my mind out. Since I don’t have much time to think over anything, the stress piles on as it becomes difficult to handle.

Living your life as an idol star.
To describe it in shorter words, it’s not as glamorous as everyone pictures it to be. When we get off stage however, it’s like a hang out of seven school friends. The only difference is that I’m doing what I like and I’ve attained the status of it.

Reveal one secret about Taecyeon.
His image on the exterior is known as this “beastly” person when in actuality, he acts really cute and is a bright person. Sometimes when his sister or parents come from the States to visit, the four of them never seizes to stop smiling.

Your memories of your trainee days.
I used to like listening to music right after practicing at night. I would dance to the melody and fall asleep listening to the music. It was peaceful and I was happy which led me to await that time everyday.

Are there any complaints you hear from your hyungs as the magnae (youngest)?
None. I’m only three years apart from the eldest hyung (Jay) and so we just get along better as friends.

As an actor, which genre would you like to go into?
When I first received the script for ‘Unstoppable Highkick’, I thought to myself how funny it was and that I must be in it. If I’m given another opportunity, I would love to do a sitcom again. As for choosing a genre, I would like to do a standard drama.

Three words that define me:
Individuality, sensitive, and cool. Wait, not cool, acting cool.

When you look back on your promotions for the 2nd album:
I’m just proud. Especially when we placed first with ‘Again & Again’, I was excited like crazy. They even had a sam gyub sal party that following weekend at the company. Sam gyub sal is very precious to us.

What are you working hard on nowadays?
Composing. I’ve been experimenting with Hook (the addicting part of a song/repetition portion) and showing that portion to the composers in our company. They’ve gave me constructive criticism and they said the recent one I made was good. I’m planning to finish it up tonight after this to work on it some more. Although I’ve only learned about vocal music in my sophomore year of high school (this is equivalent to sophomore year in the States/first year in Korean high school), but I’m going to keep trying on composing. Even 90% of famous American producers can’t read music notes.

Are you a meat eater or a veggie go-er? (this is like saying are you a weak or a strong person)
I think the reason why we’re labeled as the ‘beastly idols’ is because we show ourselves no matter the situation. We’ve tried to maintain our image before but it failed. I’m just a plain meat eater.

A musician you’d like to meet?
Stevie Wonder. When I watched a video of him in my freshman year (equivalent to freshman year in the States/last year of junior high), I fell in love with music.

Your 10/10 ideal girl?
The main girl character of the anime . Not but . Whenever I think of her, my heart races.

Living your life as an idol star.
I never really paid attention to what people had to say of me but after our debut, I had to watch out on what I say and how I act.

Reveal one secret about Taecyeon.
In a little investigation, I was chosen as the most unhygienic member of our group. Wrong. It’s actually Taecyeon. He sometimes doesn’t wash up and goes to bed in that state. One time, I thought he was going to his schedule with his makeup already done.

A clip you want erased.
There’s a lot but I won’t say it because you’ll search for it.

Your preference in fashion.
I’m always interested in fashion and there’s a lot I’ve bought and collected. I like European and New York’s street looks, twisting it with my own style.

In my computer.
I have over 2,000 black & white pictures. Depending on the mood I’m in, I attach the picture with a nice quote and upload it onto my Cyworld. My favorite artist is Nara Yoshidomo (I have no idea how to spell this person’s name; I’m doing it off Korean). I like the pieces where you depict the unknown facial expressions of the boys illustrated.

Your dream earlier?
I wanted to be a writer. My favorite writer is Jung Chae Bong. I remember I wrote a piece and submitted it to a competition in Daegu. I won and also was up for a competition in Seoul. That was when I had come across Jung Chae Bong’s and had written my review of it. Of course now, I’m more into music than writing.

Taec was in the States I'm assuming.


[TRANS] Interviews from Elle Girl September Issue, Jay


Three words to describe yourself: I am a person who is energetic, wants to be a good son to my parents and is always trying to be a great person.

Comment on your second album activities: It was very great. We were very excited and pleased when the first song, “Again & Again” in the 2nd album was ranked No.1 in various music programs for the first time since our debut, and luckily the following second song, “I Hate You” turned out a great success, which was also ranked No.1.

What you are into these days: I have had the same hobbies for the past five years - watching dance movies, and doing exercise. Whenever I am too busy to go to the gym, I try to do exercise with dumbbells in a waiting room during short break.

Musicians you want to meet in person: Michael Jackson who passed away recently. This is because not only I love him since I was a kid, but also he is a legendary pop musician. I was shocked when I knew his sudden death from the news. I thought my all schedules on that day would have been cancelled, but it didn’t happen.

Your ’10 out of 10’ ideal woman: I do not care about her physical appearance or figure, but care about her own natural charms. I am attracted to the woman whose natural face looks better.

'Again & Again’, your routine habits: My lips easily dry out, so I often lick them.

Any 2pm members that you thought, at least once, you hated: When Chansung eats up all delicious food by himself or Junsu is late to get in the car while the other members are already in. I do not feel I hate them, but just say “What’s up! Not again”

Only for one day, a singer or a band you want to perform together with as a guest singer: Drunken Tiger. A while ago, I met Tiger JK in one TV music program and I thought he was a cool and great musician. If I have a chance to rap with him, it will be a great honor for me.

What you want to do on your break: I will leave for the States next week to meet my family. I haven’t been there for two years, so my parents are very happy to see me soon. Beside flying time, actual time I stay there is about a week. If I have more time, I want to practice b-boying with an amateur b-boy team in my hometown, or attend a dance battle.

Living as a member of an idol group: I don’t regard myself as an idol, but as a singer who can sing and dance on stage. When I am in a variety show, I try to show my naturalness at all times. I don’t worry about how I appear in a show – actually, I don’t drink and smoke.

One secret of Taecyeon: when 2pm members prepare performance to show their charms in a variety program, Taecyeon often takes care of editing original songs for them. He sometimes puts on make-up by himself.

The most favorite nickname given you from your fans: Actually I have lots of nicknames such as Ba Jae bum [from one of his mistakes when he wrote his family name, Park], Lead-Ja [leader guy], Ba No In [old man who has his family name, ‘Ba’], tearing Jaebum [he tore his tank top during his performance]. Among them, I like “Lead-Ja” the best. This is very unique, and cool when pronounced. Note that this nickname was accidentally made by one old lady at an elder’s college who had heard “leader” in mistake for lead-ja and called Jaebum in that way. At that time, 2pm was to perform for elders at the college in an episode of MBC Every1 Idol Show ‘Tteotda! Geunyeo (Here she comes)’ season 3.

Words that you often say to 2pm members as a leader: I don’t do anything special as a leader to the other 2pm members. I sometimes point out their mistakes in their performance, like “You made a mistake in this part. Can you do better next time?”, but we often say that to each other.

Idea about the next album: Our next album is planned to come out in October, but there is no clear outline for that yet. As you know, “10 out of 10” likely belongs to a hybrid genre, and “Again & Again” is somewhat dark and dreamy. How about if we will sing a cheerful and powerful hip-hop song this time?

Credits: Kor-Eng by, Source: Elle Girl Magazine Sep. Issue

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[CAFE] Junho's letter to fans from Daum

Message from Junho on Daum at 7.04 pm, Korean Time

Hello~^^ I'm Junho

I haven’t been here for a while. Today I have a bit of free time so I can read fan letters thoroughly. However, I don’t have enough time to answer all fan letters which making my fans have to wait for. I am really sorry.

I sometimes answer fan messages in UFO Town, but only some lucky fans got my replies... so I’d rather write a formal letter like this instead.

During reading these letters, I realize that some of you wrote them while on the bus or while studying at night. Some wrote them before going to bed and coming back to write after waking up. Thinking all these, I really appreciate and thank you you all for giving me so much love.

These also make me think if I have shown you on how much love I knew I got from you yet. Recently, there have been many sad matters. You guys might feel not so good, right? Today, I've been thinking about these things all day long as well.

We never throw away all the letters~^^ because of our tight schedule, we read them in car, even though reading it causes us carsickness. We also take them to read while waiting for works. We read them before going to bed too. Even though some letters come out in bad shapes or are torn, we don’t ditch them but read them all. Please remember, we never throw away any fan letters. ^^

I’ve been keeping all letters ever since Super Star Survivor which was four years ago. Now a box is full with these letter….When the time passes and I get older, I’ll came back to read them again to remember the things we did at the time, right?

I just want to say thank you, I don’t want to be fake or anything. I’m thinking of us and who I am at this moment. I will go forward and never forget the first step I made. We are always busy and tired, so we can't hear all of your requests. However, please don’t be upset....We are also sad and regret that we can’t reply each and everyone of you ^_^

I would like to thank you all for being nice and respectful and thank you all people who will continue to be like this~ You will always support us, right? keke Love & Respect

This photo is for fans who may be thirsty... I took this when I was exhausted after finishing practices…keke

You all are my vitamins~ ^-^

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