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"2PM Hottest Blood" is from Malaysian HOTTEST.

Q: What does '2PM Hottest Blood' mean?
A:#Maybe, I can't describe it like this#
|=|2PM are JaeBeom, JunSu, NichKhun, TaecYeon, Wooyoung, JunHo and ChanSung.
|=| Hottest is what they call us fans.
|=| Blood is mean they are a part of us just like our blood in our body.

#The hold sentence mean '2PM are our Hottest Blood'#

#Officially made on July 30, 2009#

Hello, I'm Summer from Malaysia the owner of "2PM HOTTEST BLOOD". I was born on 19 FEB 1991 (Count how old I am *^-^*). I'm still a student in multimedia design (not officially is but going).

What makes me made this blog about 2PM? I made this blog cause I want to share more news about 2PM to more Malaysian so that 2PM will be famous in Malaysia like DBSK does (DBSK and 2PM are difference type okay. Don't ever compare).

For what I wish is that I hope 2PM will came across
this blog. I do have a SHOTBOX on the right side of the blog.


Monday, August 17, 2009

[SCANNED/INTERVIEW] It's Time to Fall In Love... 2PM


August 2009 Se7enteen Magazine
It’s time to fall in love… 2PM
Prepare yourself because of 2PM. These 7 young boy band artists from Korea are ready to make their way into our Seventeen Girls’ hearts. And you, who can’t resist, may get their heart melted as soon as you flip to the next page!
Hot Blood is a Korean reality show that sets up missions in order to find new artists, who have great voices, outstanding dance moves, and fresh faces. After being harshly trained, the result is very satisfying as a band called ‘2PM’, which consists of Ok Taecyeon, Hwang Chansung, Jang Wooyoung, Park Jaebum, Lee Junho, Kim Junsu, and our only Thai pride, Nichkhun Horvejkul. And at this very second, they are accepted as one of the most popular new artists in Asia.

17: We want to know how you guys are handling this situation when you have to live a “superstar’s” lives
JB: Actually, our lives aren’t so different from back then. Before, we practiced, practiced, and practiced all day. Now, we’re still practicing all day with the only difference that we all have to put on make-up, dress in costumes, have interview with the media, and attend TV shows
NK: We also have more fans.
TY: We still live the same lives. Nothing changes. (Not even your private lives?) We never had a private life! (laughed) we only practiced like what Jaebum told you.

17: How long do you all practice in a day? And how long is the working hour? We’ve heard that you guys work really hard… so how hard is it?
JB: Usually our schedule is full all day. We practice when we have time at night… after all the work which is around midnight. We practice for couple hours and stop around three or four in the morning.
TY: And if there’s a special move to practice, like acrobatics, more time is needed.
17: And when do you rest then?
NK: We don’t really have sleeping time. So we try to find ginseng or anything that helps improving our health to eat. When we have a career, we have to take full responsibility.

17: Now there are so many Korean boy bands for people to go crazy at, what do you think 2PM has as the factors to bring up your popularity?
JB: First of all, when we’re on the stage, our performance is rather unique. We have the energy you all can feel.
NK: We’re natural. We don’t try to act cool or cute. Whatever you see on TV or anywhere, everything is the real us.
TY: We never pretend or anything. All the funny things we do on game shows, like putting stockings over our heads, are who we really are. 2PM is all the funny things you see. If we’re like that, everyone would feel closer to us more.

17: What is your highest goal as 2PM?
JB: To become the best boy band in Korea, in Asia, and in the world. We will try to improve gradually.
CS: I want to be those who are talented in both singing and dancing.
TY: Becoming a great singer is one of my goals.
JS: I want to be a good singer and composer.
JH: I want to be a good singer and actor. Now, I’m also learning to compose. I’d be very happy if one day, there’re songs that I compose in the album.
WY: I want 2PM to be number 1!
NK: For me, being successful is being happy with what we’re doing; singing or dancing

*Junho and Junsu are the partners of shopping that their friends call them “Jun Brothers”.
NK: Doing our best is like being the best. And doing it with happiness.

17: What about the highest goal in your life?
JB: It’s doing my best and making my family proud… and being a good leader (TY shakes his head in disagreement)

17: What do good leaders do?
JB: Doing nothing (2PM all cracks up. TY nods with full support.) Well, I try taking care of my friends and set myself as a good example for them. (Do you boss them around?) I do, when we practice, like “WY Give me the water” but then they don’t really listen. (all laugh)

17: Now back to the same question; Chansung, what is your ultimate goal?
CS: I want to become a great singer and actor, like my idol Jamie Fox.
TY: I want to have a happy family, becoming a good father. But that it is a goal that takes a long time to achieve.
JS: I want to be professional in music business. Maybe becoming a producer, making good albums for myself and others.
JH: Being a good role model as a singer and actor for someone. I want to be an inspiration for that particular person who wants to be like me, “Lee Junho”.
WY: I like dancing so I want to stay on stage and work for this music business.
NK: I have the same thought as TY. I’d really want to be a good father and husband in the future.

17: We’ve only see you sing and dance, do you guys actually have other talents or something else you like to do?
JB: I can draw. My hobby is drawing cartoons like Spiderman or X-men. (someone teases how there’s a difference between can draw and actually draw well… 2PM laugh more) And I like playing basketball and games with friends.
CS: I do tae kwan do and kendo.
TY: I like drawing and I’m pretty good at wakeboarding. (“No way” NK teases) At least I do it better! (both of them start teasing each other and before everything gets even funnier, JB concludes that TY is good at skiing and cooking.)
JS: I’m very observant. I usually notice the differences in pictures before others can.
JH: I’m interested in fashion so I like designing clothes. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll bring them to show my friends… maybe they’ll all wow. (everyone acts as if they believe then laugh another round.)
WY: I like basketball and soccer.
NK: I can play piano. And I was also a badminton player.

17: Is it true that you’re not allowed to have girlfriends?
NK: It’s not a rule or anything. It’s just we feel like it is something our fans cannot handle and we don’t want to make them sad or disappoint. And most importantly, we don’t have time to even find one.

17: And is it true that Korean boy band is really hard to get to, like can’t even touch?
JB: It’s like a relationship in a level of singers and fans. It’s like if they violate or cross the line, we can’t proceed on with our lives, like if they follow us everywhere, we wouldn’t be able to go to the company or anywhere. I think we and the fans both have to keep inside our own boundaries.
NK: It’s not like we’re untouchable. It’s more like the company is concerned with our safety. Most of our fans are like kids and teens right? They may like scream and run towards us so the company is worried and may cover us a lot. People may view us, the boy band, as the untouchable or some angels and goddesses. Actually, it’s always about safety.

17: Can you go out buying stuff by yourself?
JB: We can back in Korea but it’s really hard here in Thailand.

17: What were you doing when you were 17?
JB: I was in High School and started dancing seriously. But other than that, I was like normal teenagers, like playing basketball with friends.
CS: I was an athlete because I did both Tae Kwan Do and Kendo.
TY: I studied SAT back in America.
JS: It was the beginning of my music career. I started to have interest in producing music.
JH: I just became a trainee at JYP so I didn’t have much time to play with my friends.
WY: I really liked dancing. I went to school in the morning and in the evening, I directly went to dance. Sometimes there was dance battle with other people.
NK: I was in America. Back then, I played badminton and also played piano. I also had a thought of continuing school in music. But then I got selected by JYP so I became 2PM.

Now, 2PM is not only loved by Korean girls but also Thais, and especially at 17 too, that we already gave them our hearts.

*Wooyoung is the only one whom his friends call him with the alias, “U-don”.

Credit: norikonok@pantip (SCANNED), ShiR* + (TRANS)


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