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"2PM Hottest Blood" is from Malaysian HOTTEST.

Q: What does '2PM Hottest Blood' mean?
A:#Maybe, I can't describe it like this#
|=|2PM are JaeBeom, JunSu, NichKhun, TaecYeon, Wooyoung, JunHo and ChanSung.
|=| Hottest is what they call us fans.
|=| Blood is mean they are a part of us just like our blood in our body.

#The hold sentence mean '2PM are our Hottest Blood'#

#Officially made on July 30, 2009#

Hello, I'm Summer from Malaysia the owner of "2PM HOTTEST BLOOD". I was born on 19 FEB 1991 (Count how old I am *^-^*). I'm still a student in multimedia design (not officially is but going).

What makes me made this blog about 2PM? I made this blog cause I want to share more news about 2PM to more Malaysian so that 2PM will be famous in Malaysia like DBSK does (DBSK and 2PM are difference type okay. Don't ever compare).

For what I wish is that I hope 2PM will came across
this blog. I do have a SHOTBOX on the right side of the blog.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

[SCANNED/INTERVIEW] Grabbing 2PM’s Heart | Who’s already taken?


OHO Magazine, August 2009 Issue
Do you believe me that right now I’m very fed up, because no matter where I go I can hear the girls who are in love with 2PM screaming everywhere. 2PM is the hittest idol from Korea consists of 7 boys: Jaebum, Taeckyeon, Junsu, Junho, Wooyoung, Chansung, and thai boy Nickhun

I scan over their handsomeness, height, and their powerful voice, they are only a little better than me but why oh why do all the girls scream and fall for them?

Out of curiosity, I invaded Dusit Thani hotel in search of the charismatic 7 boys and as I was about to walk into the arena, I didn’t know there will be two heavy-weight boxer like Chansung, Taeckyeon, and Junsu already chilling there waiting for me. (this might be confusing because he is speaking with a metaphor.)

Hoi: I’ll quickly introduce myself, my name is Hoi. (Junsu trying to pronounce my name, but the sound came out wrong and weird)

Junsu: Hoì~~

Hoi: No Hoì… you have to pronounce like this ‘Hoi’ my name means shell. Ok? Hoiiiiii, no Hoìììì (everyone nodded their head and trying to very hard to pronounce the name, while everyone is pronouncing my name with different tone levels the 4th member-Wooyoung the pure face came in with a big smile, soon Junho ran in ‘sawadee-ing’ and raising his arm big time followed by the leader-Jaebum and ending with Nickhun. So now that every member is here the true test starts now.)

Before we start I just want to say this interview will not be serious, so don’t be stress (I look at everyone’s face and said) relaxxxxxx, so how are you all? You all look tired especially Taecyeon.

Taecyeon: (politely) I’m not tired

Hoi: Really? (I look at his face) I look at your face and you seem SO tired, and I saw that you fell asleep just now too.

Nickhun: Actually, he’s the kind of person that can fall asleep anytime because he uses a lot of energy.

Hoi: How about Junsu? Are you sick? Is that why you always have that mask covering your mouth?

Junsu: No, it’s a kind of fashion; it’s for wearing on the chin.

Hoi: Then why is it for the chin? Or is it because his chin is not pretty? (Curious)

Nickhun: his chin is actually pretty

Hoi: If it’s pretty then let me see (Junsu took of the mask, it’s truly a sexy chin) so who is the youngest in this group?

Nickhun: this guy here (pointing to Chansung, the moment I saw the youngster’s face, these words came out of my mouth before I can even think: OH MY GODDDD. My ‘lost’ exclaim left Nickhun laughing out loud)

Hoi: What are you laughing about?

Nickhun: Because usually everyone’s reaction is like that

Hoi: Well, the youngest and yet so huge and tall, well anyways, Chansung please step out and compare height with me (I step next to him to compare my height ‘Oh No!’ My head is only at his chin uhh is he human or an electric pole?) Other than coming to work here, have you guys go play anywhere else?

Nickhun: Actually we just came back from Pattaya (it’s a beach out of Bangkok)

JunHo: We even got to swim at the pool.

Hoi: how was it? Was it salty?

JunHo: No it wasn’t, it was delicious (Hearing this reply got me confused, uhh singers like to drink pool water, but if you think this answer is confusing, check out the next one) I think the pool water tastes like blended-watermelon juice (Oh my, readers are you shock by this answer? So I asked the next question)

Hoi: If you can choose, which part of Thailand do you want to travel to?

Nickhun: They want to go to Phuket because I just finish filming tourism commercial of Thailand from there and I told them about how the beach at Phuket is really pretty, so they all want to go.

Hoi: So do you all like to eat Thai food?

2PM: REALLY LIKE IT (When talking about food, they reply with such harmony)

Hoi: What dish do you like?

Nickhun: I like Basil pork with fried egg.

JunHo: I like fried rice pork

Jaebum: I like fried rice

Taecyeon: I like blended-watermelon (with a clear voice)

WooYoung: I like Pud Thai (it’s like fried noodles)

Chansung: Pud Thai (thumbs up)

Hoi: Alright since you guys only eat blended-watermelon, pud thai, and fried rice today I brought some Thai snacks for you guys (believe or not, they stare at me without blinking especially the youngest yet huge Chansung, the spark in his eyes made me want to joke with them) Well this is only for show, you can’t eat them (After saying this, they all growled at the same time, which made me smile because they are adorable) I’m just joking~ You can try everything, this is the first, it is call “Jum Mong Kud” try pronouncing it.

2PM: JUM MONG KUD (at the same time)

Hoi: Very good, this is an antique Thai snack, it’s delicious… try it. (then the Jum Mong Kud is being pass along, it haven’t reach the end of the line Taecyeon said…)

Taecyeon: but I want to eat something else

Hoi: Okay~ (I took out the next snack) this is a kind of Thai toy, there is tasty candies. We call it “Dinosaur’s Egg”

Nickhun: Oh, I ate this before, it is good (Took one dinosaur’s egg and put it into his mouth)

Hoi: and this is call “Kanom Naarng Led” it is really good (I handed the basket of candy to Nickhun) make sure to eat it (after receiving the basket Nichkhun said)

Nickhun: P’Hoi, are you sure you are not filming Saranae (Thai show that pranks celebrities)?

Hoi: No, seriously. I’m here today to interview for OHO magazine.

Nickhun: (Look at my face) I’m sure you are hiding camera somewhere.

Hoi: I’m not hiding any! Hyung(in thai) is a handsome person and is reliable.

Nickhun: Really?

Hoi: really~ let’s continue talking, next question is from someone, in the group, who has a girlfriend?

2PM: We all really want one!

Hoi: If you guys really do, how come you guys don’t? You’re all very good-looking.

Taecyeon: I think it’s because of our work. I have to work for fully 7 days, always busy.

Nickhun: Like some people already have, but already broke up also.

Hoi: Nickhun, what is your ideal woman?

Nickhun: what kind of answer do you want? Types or names?

Hoi: Any is fine, up to Khun

Nickhun: then… “Jessica Alba”, Khun likes girls that are sexy and cute.

Hoi: If Khun has a girlfriend, do you have to get permission from your mom first?

Nickhun: My mom doesn’t object me, she allows me to date

Hoi: But I think your mom looks kind of strict now. (Nickhun smiled back) How about Taecyeon?

Taecyeon: I like the girl that satisfies me the most. (as in personality and appearance)

Hoi: That’s a very wide range, so who satisfies you the most?

Taecyeon: My ideal changes from time to time, well changes every day.

Hoi: how about this (then I pull out a picture of the pretty main girl of this topic – Ploy Cherman Boonyasak) Is she part of your ideal?

Taecyeon: OHhhhhh we met her last time we came to Thailand.

Hoi: yes, very pretty. But seems like your friends are very into eating. (Kid that is in growing season like Chansung never stops chewing, about the rest look at the picture, too much to explain) Going on to the next question, Jaebum, do you want double-eye lid? (Encountering this question, everyone except Jaebum laughed out loud, you guys liked it didn’t you?)

Jaebum: Nah, I don’t think double-eye lid suits me (then Jaebum try to open his eyes as big as mine)

Hoi: I think one-eye lid looks good on Jaebum, other than your eyes, I heard you are the member that has very amazing six packs. Can you please tell me what to do to get those?

Jaebum: You just have to exercise regularly, and do a lot of sit ups.

Hoi: I already did sit ups, but this is all I got. Going on to Wooyoung, do you know you have such pure and clean face? Seriously, ever since you were born have you ever have pimples?

WooYoung: Yes

Hoi: How do you treat it?

WooYoung: By washing face very often

Hoi: I wash my face like 10 times a day, and I’m still this dark.

WooYoung: (LOL)

Hoi: How about Chansung, why do you like to kiss people on the cheek? I have evidence (I took out pictures, Chansung took it and said)

Chansung: I wasn’t gonna kiss them, I was going to tell Khun something and he turned around.

Hoi: But this is such a short distance, I thought it was a love scene.

Chansung: yes, it is a love scene (playing along with my joke)

Hoi: Let’s do a love scene (hearing this instead of answering Chansung just sat there and laugh awkwardly) Are you guys going to come back to Thailand again?

Nickhun: Yes we are coming back again, come back to film Saranae… but seriously are you filming right now? (Such a curious kid, so I played along)

Hoi: yes we are filming, there you see that black thing there, the camera is hidden there. (Pointing to the light, this is where it became chaotic, not only they follow my finger, Junho stood up to look at the hiding place) Okay, coming to the last question, with the looks like me, do you think I can be in the group?

Nickhun: yes you can, but you have to flip for us first.

Hoi: really? If I can really flip, you’re going to let me in?

Nickhun: But you have to flip backwards.

Hoi: Don’t dare me, this is piece of cake, everyone look carefully (I bend my knees and jump backwards and following with a lot of noises and talking, Nickhun translated for me)

Nickhun: they wanted me to say “You’re Fired”

Hoi: then I want you to tell them “What I did in Thai is called ‘retarded’ everyone~”

Even though the mission of becoming 2PM’s 8th member wasn’t successful, but now I know what is charming about these 7 boys. It is cuteness, truthful, they are themselves and most importantly they are as crazy as me.

redit: norikonok@pantip (SCANNED); ShiR*@2ONEDAY.COM (TRANS)


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